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Did ‘RHOBH’ Star Diana Jenkins Lie About Massive Donation?

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RHOBH Season 12 newbie Diana Jenkins came in like a hurricane. She held nothing back about her feelings for her castmates. However, she did have a big heart when it came to charity. Upon learning about what had transpired with co-star Erika Jayne and her estranged husband, Tom Girardi, she wanted to help.

There were plane crash victims who had been deprived of millions of dollars due to Tom so Diana stated that she felt they needed to stop talking and start doing. Therefore, she shared she was donating 100K to the victims and it was even reaffirmed at the reunion. Yet, did the mother of three actually pay up? Read on for more details.

Did RHOBH Star Diana Jenkins Lie About Massive Donation?

Diana never hesitated to whip out her checkbook. When Jamie Lee Curtis came by Kyle Richards’ home for the My Hand In Yours lunch, Jenkins made a hefty donation. She shared she was giving 25K to the hospital affiliated with MHIY. This blew everyone away with her instant kindness. Then, she shared she was giving 100K to the victims of Tom Girardi. He owed many of them a lot of money after settling their cases, some orphans and widows. Yet, he never paid up and some accused his estranged wife, Erika of lacking empathy.

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According to All About the Tea, it seems that 100K never made it out of Diana’s pocket and to the victims. Jay Edelson of the firm that is representing the victims’ families against Tom and Erika, went on a podcast hosted by Emily Baker. Baker is also an attorney so she interviewed Edelson who openly admitted it was not easy to watch Erika live lavishly on the show. Then, he opened up about Jenkins’ charitable gift to the Lion’s Airplane tragedy. “And even the ones who claim that they care about the victims, who’s the most recent housewife, who’s getting booted off, with the $100,000 donation,” he said.

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They then both realized it was Diana. Emily quickly noted that she had said she had given generously to his clients. To that, Edelson said: “All of that was crap! Alright, now I’m going swear ’cause I’m pissed. That is total C-R-A-P!!” This seems to be somewhat of a confirmation that Diana did not pay up as she claimed she had.

Scrutiny & Criticism

Of course, Diana Jenkins was criticized for the way that she announced that she had made the donation with a formal letter. It may have been because many did not believe she did such a generous act. However, there has been a history on RHOBH of lying about donating to charities. In a prior season, Kyle Richards called out Garcelle Beauvais for not handing over the 5K she pledged to a children’s hospital. Diana has yet to respond to these allegations and she may not have the chance. Andy Cohen has stated that the show is currently on pause for now.

Do you believe that Diana did not donate or was it just a calculated error? Let us know in the comments below.


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