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‘NCIS’ Rocky Carroll Holds This Episode Close To His Heart

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Rocky Carroll joined NCIS in Season 5. Director Leon Vance has been a regular cast member since that appearance. He has gone through some serious storylines over his time on the show. His wife died via an assassin. He was kidnaped and almost died more than once.

However, there is one episode that Carroll said he held close to his heart. Here is a look at the NCIS episode he loves the most, and the one that comes in a close second.

Rocky Carroll’s favorite NCIS episode

Director Vance on NCIS | YouTube

Rocky Carroll joined NCIS in Season 5 as Director Leon Vance. He showed up as the assistant director under Jenny Shepard after she died in a gunfight. After Shepard’s death, Vance took over as the new director of the team. He was immediately antagonistic toward the team as they investigated Shepard’s death, but he just wanted things done right.

He really rubbed fans the wrong way when he forced Gibbs to break up his team. Once again, it was mostly a test, and he reinstated everyone. Since that time, Vance has become a fan favorite and has been there ever since as the leader and a confidant for the team members.

When asked about Director Vance on NCIS, Rocky Carroll told Assignment X that the episode he holds closest to his heart was his first appearance on the show. “I still remember my first episode [Season 5’s “Internal Affairs” in 2008] where my character was introduced, which is one of my favorites.”

Rocky has a second episode he loved too

Director Vance on NCIS | YouTube

While that was the one episode Carroll holds closest to his heart, there is another he loves just as much. That would be “Knockout,” which has one specific high point for Carroll and his character of Vance. “where we first got a sense that my character had a life that went above and beyond just being the Director of NCIS,” Carroll said.

That episode was the Season 6 episode where Vance learned an old friend was murdered. He heads out to Chicago to look into the murder with Ziva David and Timothy McGee. That led Gibbs into looking into Vance’s past and discovering some long-hidden secrets about the acting director.

This was also the episode that introduced his wife Jackie and kids, Jared and Kayla. Since this episode, NCIS fans have seen Leon Vance in a different light. It even made things hard when his wife Jackie died in one of the most unnecessary deaths in NCIS history. However, for Carroll’s favorite, it was all about his introduction and his character’s past being revealed.

What were your favorite moments for Rocky Carroll from NCIS? Let us know your favorite episodes in the comments below.

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