Mike Johnson & Bryan Abasolo No Longer Talking It Out

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Each season of The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and Bachelor in Paradise gives people like Bryan Abasolo and Mike Johnson a lot to discuss. The two have a podcast like a lot of other alums including Becca Kufrin, Joe Amabile, and Nick Viall to name a few. Fans like hearing about former contestants’ opinions on what they see going on on the screen. Nick Viall has the view of a contestant, being the lead, and going on BIP.

Bryan and Mike started the podcast in January 2021. When they first started the podcast they said Talking It Out would be different because it featured two men of color. They could offer a different perspective on a lot of things. According to E News, they also thought they were good to bounce off each other because Bryan is married and Mike is single. Bryan is married to former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay who also had a podcast for a little while.

Bryan Abasolo, Instagram
Instagram, Bryan Abasolo

Bryan Abasolo & Mike Johnson End The Show

The ending came abruptly for listeners according to MSN with Bryan Abasolo saying, “today is officially the last episode.” He went on to thank listeners for all the love they’ve gotten. Mike Johnson added that it was hard hearing Bryan sign-off the last time because it made it more real. One fan on Instagram said, “Really bummed to hear talking it out is over. I loved how real u guys are.”

Mike Johnson, Instagram
Mike Johnson, Instagram

Several fans still really want Mike Johnson to be the lead on The Bachelor. They really want to watch him find love with the right woman. One of his Instagram followers said, “the bachelor we all wanted but never got.” Mike Johnson has been training to become an intimacy coach and likely will pursue something that ties in with that now that the podcast is over.

Bryan Abasolo and Rachel are goals for a lot of fans. They love that he was her winner and they’re still together. Bryan supported and spoke about the controversy his wife went through with Chris Harrison and had her back.

They Have Had Lots Of Great Conversations

Mike Johnson and Bryan have had a lot of great guests on their shows and a lot of great conversations. They talked to Matt James about his time on the show and his workout routine. They talked to Paul Brunson about setting dating standards. The hosts also ventured outside of Bachelor Nation and talked to Carl Radke of Winter House about his sobriety. They’ve had lots of important conversations about race, mental health, and so much more. Fans are sad to see them go.

What do you think about their podcast having been so short-lived? Do you listen to any of the Bachelor Nation podcasts? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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  1. Of all the Bachelor Nation podcasts currently, theirs was the best! They didn’t hesitate to ask the questions of guests that the fans wanted answers for and they did it in a mature and thoughtful manner. Bryan and Mike were not condescending, but the expected answers and mutual respect from the guests. They never were afraid to clarify what their questions were if a guest seemed to be unsettled about answering them, and they seemed to put the most hesitant contestants and ease! Their presence in the future is BN’s loss because of the decent human beings that they are and the fact that they bring male diversity to BN! What knuckleheads the decision makers of BN tend to be IMHO!

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