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Kate Gallivan Issues Apology To Logan Palmer After Disrespect

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Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 was full of drama and love triangles. One of those involved Kate Gallivan and Logan Palmer. When Kate made her grand entrance onto the beach, she stole Logan away from Shanae Ankney. They both seemed smitten with one another. It seemed like that was it for them both and they only wanted to be with each other. Wrong. Kate began to explore other options. In fact, she even insulted Logan and upset a lot of fans. Now, she’s apologizing for what she said. Keep reading to find out more.

Kate Gallivan apologizes to Logan Palmer

Kate Gallivan is owning her mistakes and what she said to Logan Palmer. E!News shared what she had to say to Logan and her fans. Kate felt the need to apologize to everyone after the reunion aired and the season finale revealed everything that went down.

Kate said, “In light of the reunion tonight, I want to speak directly to you all. I deeply apologize for the classist things that I said on BiP this season. I was shocked when I saw the show myself, and I cringed just as much as you guys did watching it. If I could take it back, I would.”

Logan via YOuTube

She continued, saying, “I’ve apologized to Logan, but want to extend that apology to anyone who may have been offended by these comments. I have nothing but respect for Logan and the rest of the cast, and I’m still so grateful to have gone on this adventure with them #bachelorinparadise.”

She wasn’t very nice to Logan on the beach and she made comments about him not being financially stable enough to date her.

He made a TikTok

Logan made a TikTok in response to Kate’s comments about him. He joked around holding up Monopoly money and flashing his premium Costco card. Plus he showed off having extra guac on his Chipolte bowl.

Kate fired back on her own Instagram showing her being in Mexico on vacation and saying, “a costco card and some extra guac ain’t gettin you here.”

Kate maintained she never meant for Logan to hear her classist comments slamming him for being a dog walker, driving a Honda and having roommates.

It’s safe to say these two will not be rekindling their romance post Paradise. Kate has received a lot of hate from Bachelor Nation for her rude behavior towards Logan.

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