North West & Kim Kardashian [Kim and North | TikTok]

Kardashian Fans Floored As North Live Streams Supervision Free

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Kardashian fans are floored as North West live streams supervision free. Fans wonder if Kim really watches her daughter as closely as she says she does. North went live on TikTok with her cousin. This time, the 42-year-old wasn’t as concerned as she was before. Keep reading to learn more.

North goes live on TikTok — AGAIN!

Earlier this week, North baffled Kardashian fans when she went live on TikTok again. This time, she was with her cousin, Penelope Disick. North live-streamed the chat from Kim’s huge bathroom. She read comments from fans who asked her questions about her famous mother.

Kim appeared in the background. She coolly told her daughter “Helloooo.” She didn’t seem concerned that North was live-streaming in front of strangers. Kim’s presence alone was enough to scare the nine-year-old though. She walked away from the screen as soon as her mother walked into the room.

Kim Kardashian & North West [Kim and North | TikTok]
[Kim and North | TikTok]
“How’s it going for you?” Kim Kardashian asked. “Good,” North responded. “Penelope and North on live. Hi guys!” Kim casually responded to the chat. She explained that they were “doing a check” on the system.

North was already ahead of her mother. She knows how to work TikTok since she went live on the social media app before. Kim didn’t seem bothered by what happened. She was more annoyed with the emojis and gifts that popped up and got in the way of the comments.

The KUWTK alum suggested to North and Penelope that they should go on a walk. North returned to the screen to say, “Bye, guys.” This came as a shock to Kardashian fans since Kim wasn’t as bothered by it this time around.

North On TikTok Livestream [Kim and North | TikTok]
[Kim and North | TikTok]
It’s possible that she’s gotten used to it since her daughter has gone live on the app before. On the other hand, Kim could’ve given North permission to test out the app since she was around. Regardless, fans are shocked by how the mom of four acted this time around. She was so nonchalant by the quick live stream.

Kardashian fans slam Kim’s parenting

One Kardashian took to Reddit to share a portion of the clip. They wanted to know where Kim was hiding during the live stream. Others couldn’t believe how unbothered she acted by North live-streaming on TikTok. However, some fans defended Kim, explaining that she knew what was happening.

  • “Kim knew though idk why she’s trying to act like they did it without her permission.”
  • “idk I think p told her north was on live, because she ended it pretty soon after entering the room. She was just very smooth with it.”
  • “I thought she supervised North being online. This isn’t the 1st time and it won’t be the last time. Smh.”
  • “Where was Kim at the beginning? Why wasn’t she there with her watching the comments the whole time?”

Earlier this month, North and Penelope shared a TikTok video of Kim and Kourtney’s mess in the kitchen. What are your thoughts on North live-streaming without supervision? Do you agree with Kardashian fans that Kim should watch her daughter? Sound off below in the comment section.

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