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Is ‘Happy!’ Leaving Netflix?

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Netflix’s Happy! is an American live-action/adult animated action-drama series that was sure a happy surprise for fans. The series premiered first on Syfy on December 6, 2017, and had a total of two seasons after which the network canceled the show. The comedy series starring Christopher Meni is streaming exclusively on Netflix currently. However, as is with most licensed titles on Netflix, they tend to leave the streamer after the license expires. So, will the series leave Netflix soon? Keep reading to find out the details!

Happy! Tells The Tale Of A Cop And His Imaginary Friend

The dark-comedy series follows the story of a corrupt ex-cop who turns into a hitman named Nick Sax. However, his story takes a major turn after an imaginary blue-winged horse named Happy enters his life. With his relentlessly positive attitude, he changes Nick’s outlook on life. Between 2017 and 2019, the series aired a total of 18 episodes before being canceled.

Happy! Syfy Netflix YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

In the US, Netflix has licensed the show for its subscribers. However, outside the country, the show is labeled and marketed as a Netflix Original series. Subscribers who wish to watch the series can do so only with a premium subscription as it is unavailable for the ones with an ad-tier subscription.

Fans Campaigned For Netflix To Renew Happy!

After the show was canceled, fans even campaigned for the network to pick up the show. One of these campaigns got almost 40,000 signatures from fans. However, the show didn’t get a renewal. As confirmed by What’s On Netflix, the streamer currently holds the rights to stream Happy! until March 2025.

Happy! Syfy Netflix YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

This is a pattern followed by most shows distributed by NBCUniversal Television. The show leaves exactly five years after the final season premieres on Netflix. Happy! Season 2 made it to Netflix US on March 27, 2020. So, it is due to expire on March 27, 2025.

When Does Happy! Leave Netflix For International Subscribers?

For Netflix Canada subscribers the show will leave a bit earlier on February 27, 2025. If and when the title’s license expires, it will be both parties’ decision to let it go or come up with a new deal. After streaming the show for five years, there is a chance that Netflix won’t take up the show anymore and the show might head to other streamers, most likely Peacock.

Happy! Syfy Netflix YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

For international subscribers, despite being a Netflix Original, the show will eventually leave the platform as well. For most regions, this will be the very same year as that of the United States. As per sources, the international regions will have the series a bit longer than the United States. For most regions, Happy! will leave the streamer on August 14, 2025.

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