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Is An Engagement Coming For Danielle Maltby & Michael Allio?

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Michael Allio was instantly smitten when Danielle Maltby made her way down the steps to the beach. At that moment, Bachelor in Paradise changed for Michael. He and Danielle had talked via social media but had never met in person. Now they are together and in love. Is there an engagement coming in the near future? Keep reading to find out more.

Is an engagement coming for Danielle Maltby and Michael Allio?

US Weekly shared what Danielle Maltby and Michael Allio had to say about their future together. The first step they are going to take is getting Danielle moved to Akron, Ohio. She currently lives in Nashville.

Danielle said, “I would love [to move to Akron] sooner rather than later, but there’s a lot of moving parts. I, obviously, want to leave my current job in the best hands possible and find the right place up here. But I would love to [move] I mean, honestly, as soon as possible.”

They reportedly decided more than a month ago that Danielle would relocate to be closer to him and James.

Danielle and Michael via Insta

Michael said, “Our relationship was getting so strong that if we really were gonna try to make this whole thing work, we had to live in close proximity. We both have careers, you know, she’s an incredible nurse. She’s gotta arrange all of those things.”

While she may be moving to Akron, it doesn’t appear that an engagement is going to happen anytime soon. Michael said, “The show and the audience, they all have these timelines. We do not feel that pressure and we are not gonna feel that pressure.”

He also talked about how when he said I love you to Danielle at the reunion he meant it and it was a big deal for him. He had only ever said I love you to one other person and that was his late wife Laura.

Michael noted that an engagement for him is a lifetime and not something he takes lightly.

Danielle meeting James

Danielle has already been spending time with James and they have already formed a close bond. Michael said he introduced them after only dating Danielle for five or six weeks. He instantly was okay with it once it happened. They got along great.

Michael even shared an Instagram Story showing Danielle hanging out on her computer at his house with James on Saturday.

Things are going great for Danielle and Michael and fans can’t wait to see where their relationship goes.

Stay tuned for more updates.



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