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Susie Evans Reflects On Emotional Clayton Echard Relationship

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Susie Evans and Clayton Echard were TikTok royalty for a while. After a rocky Bachelor season that left Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia crying, they made it work. After Clayton let her leave, he didn’t really feel right about it. He told the other two women, who he’d also told he loved, it wasn’t them in his future. The two of them went on to be dual bachelorettes on their season.  Sadly,  after seeming to really enjoy their relationship, the two of them split. Susie said it was a rocky road for both of them.

The Bachelor lead, Clayton had a very hard time after being on the show. He even said he contemplated suicide because it got so bad. Now that he’s healing he’s been open about it. Fans were rooting for them, but it wasn’t meant to be. Read on to see what went wrong. with their relationship.

Susie Evans Says She Knows It Was The Right Move

Susie Evans said she thinks the lesson she learned was getting a better understanding of herself and communicating what she expects better as well. According to E News, people around her told her that, “her sparkle had dulled.” Despite having good times, she struggled.  The two of them enjoyed traveling together and making funny videos.

Susie Evans, Instagram
Susie Evans, Instagram

She did try to make the relationship work but said it wasn’t easy. Susie said it was “emotionally taxing and not good for the soul.” She went on to say her Google searches were about loving someone you aren’t compatible with.” Finally, she made the decision they were trying to make something work that wasn’t going to.

She Said More Good Came Out Of The Breakup Than Bad

Susie Evans said it was good they split for herself and Clayton Echard. She said it was the way they could find themselves and what they were passionate about. She doesn’t regret their relationship. Susie said she and Clayton are pulling for each other in their separate lives at this point. Her time with him is still something she describes as, “wonderful.”

Susie Evans, TikTok
Susie Evans, TikTok

When the two of them broke up they posted on Instagram that they’d had a lot of laughs, but there was also a lot of pain. They shared that the breakup was the best plan to allow them to work on themselves. They said, “we stand in support of each other and hope to see the other go on to find happiness and healing.” Read more about Clayton and Susie’s relationship here. Read more about Gabby and Rachel’s season of The Bachelorette here.  What do you think about Susie’s candidness about her relationship? Were you surprised the two of them broke up? Comment with your thoughts below.

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