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Kody Brown Made Himself Accept Polygamy According To Family

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Kody Brown may have made himself accept polygamy, according to his family. This means that it might not have been the lifestyle he necessarily would have wanted for himself. One of Kody’s daughters with Christine, Gwendlyn has spoken out about this issue. Now, her aunt is opening up about Kody and the possibility that he forced himself into polygamy. Read on for more details.

Kody Brown Made Himself Into A Polygamist

Sister Wives fans may already know that Kody and his father, Winn entered this level of Mormonism later in life. Kody’s dad was only married to his mother and then, as many fans know, Winn met and married Janelle’s mother. Yes, Kody and his second wife are stepsiblings but, prior to that, they had a different connection. Kody had met a young Meri and they fell very much in love. Since she was raised in polygamy, they always knew that they would take on multiple wives. Janelle just so happened to be married to Meri’s brother Adam but that marriage ended in divorce.

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Three years after Kody and Meri tied the knot, Janelle became wife number two with Christine following a year later. She was also heavily raised in polygamy and sixteen years later, Robyn entered the family. Robyn had been married before yet they never took more wives, which she had wanted. Eventually, Kody’s marriage to Meri fell apart and he favored Robyn out of the four. Christine left in 2021 and now her aunt, Kristyn Decker is speaking to In Touch Weekly about Kody and Christine.

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Decker, like Gwendlyn, believes that Kody is “forcing himself to believe” in polygamy. “I think that’s how it is with most men. I really do. They believe that they have to. I saw that in several of my brothers and that it was really heartbreaking to them to not be successful. And so, I guess to a great degree, maybe Kody really is feeling like a failure,” Decker revealed.

Better Away From It

Kody Brown has mentioned that plural marriage is hard on him. However, Kristyn says that the ability to leave polygamy is a great feeling and she can see the sense of relief in her niece Christine. “A lot of other plural families who left, they’ve said that we would never have worked polygamy if we didn’t believe we had to. So it’s coercive and yeah, it makes me sad that I was so happy after I left and I’m so happy for Christine. … I’m so glad she’s out of there.”

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At this point, Kody is not managing his family well and he seems to see that. He keeps saying that he has to be the patriarch and such. Yet, Meri is always off working while Janelle makes her own decisions. The only one still fighting for the family is seemingly Robyn. Can they hold it together or will his belief system fail him?

Do you think Kody’s beliefs are starting to waver? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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  1. the only thing Kody seems to believe is that he can have wives to boss around, take their money they earned and ignore them otherwise.He doesn’t have a real marriages with any of the others. He doesn’t even care about any other kids

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