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Kody Brown Dismisses Janelle’s RV Problems, Blames Her?

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Kody Brown has been very dismissive when it comes to Janelle’s RV issues. He acts like he is working very hard with her to fix the problems. Then, in the latest episode, he deemed the RV a lemon and said that they were sold a piece of “sh*t.” Sister Wives fans are now wondering why he is not working harder to find a resolution. After all, it is not just Janelle who lives there but their youngest daughter, Savanah, as well. So, why was Kody slacking? Read on for some theories and thoughts.

Kody Brown Dismisses Janelle’s RV Problems, Blames Her?

It is seemingly easier for Kody to blame Janelle over the RV than actually to put in the extra work to help her. A Reddit thread was started over the RV situation. One follower had this to say: “Grody claimed she bought a lemon, why not get the company out to fix it?? Warranty it’s brand new?” This is actually a very legitimate question. Then again, Janelle could have purchased it sale by owner. Another added: “Because he just wants to gloat about how she made a bad choice rather than actually fix anything for her.”

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Kody came by to help level out the RV, something that affects the way that the sewage drains. Yet, the biggest issue is that it is supposed to be self-leveling and it is not. Kody has grown tired of issue after issue and even Janelle admits she had no idea what she was getting into when she purchased the RV. However, this was an experience she had wanted for a long time. Unfortunately, her husband has had no desire to be in the trailer since it was brought to Coyote Pass.

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He has noted how small it is and that the dogs have more space than him. Furthermore, he has mentioned that he has Robyn’s plush palace to go sleep in so why would he stay in a cramped RV? Though he tries to say he has become more amenable, Kody thinks the RV is a big mistake. He will help in minor ways but will complain the whole time.

Making Her Own Choices

Janelle has noted that a big reason she makes her own choices is that she cannot wait around for Kody Brown. If she does that, things will never get done. Therefore, she has had to take matters into her own hands. Since her permit will be coming up, Janelle has found an apartment in town. Kody is not happy she didn’t consult him on this. In the next episode, he is seen pushing her to buy Christine’s home after her offer falls through. One Redditor had this to add: “The issue is this family collectively doesn’t have two brain cells to rub together so they continue to make financially disastrous choices.”

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Janelle shared she stays in the family for the time being because she does not own anything. Both Robyn and Christine had/have their homes in their names. Meri owns her B&B. Yet, Janelle has nothing so she is patiently waiting for them to build on the land. However, they still need to pay it off. As for Kody, he does not seem to care about that as he has a warm home with everything he needs over at Robyn’s.

Do you think Kody Brown would put more effort into the RV if he actually had to spend time there? Is he not invested because it is not his primary residence? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.


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  1. Kody knows nothing about setting up an RV hence his insistence on leveling the axels first… hey dude if the ground isn’t level he can’t level the axels…it’s major brain dead to not contact the dealer that sold it. The RV has self leveling that works e cent for the screw that’s loose pushing the buttons.
    Fact Kody doesn’t like the RV and he is the problem not the trailer.

    Janelle call the dealer…

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