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Gabby Played a Role In Johnny DePhillipo, Victoria Fuller Split?

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More is coming out about the short-lived relationship between Johnny DePhillipo and Victoria Fuller. It seems there may be another person to partially blame for the broken engagement besides Victoria’s new love, Greg Grippo. Did Gabby Windey play a role in the downfall of Johnny and Victoria? Keep reading to find out more.

Did Gabby play a role in Johnny DePhillipo’s engagement ending?

US Weekly shared what Johnny DePhillipo had to say on a new podcast about his short engagement to Victoria Fuller. It seems Johnny is blaming more than just Greg Grippo for his relationship issues.

So, was Gabby Windey partially at fault for Johnny and Victoria’s failed relationship? He says that having The Bachelorette still airing while he was trying to make things work in secret with Victoria led to their relationship kicking off on the wrong foot.

Johnny said of Victoria, “She was heartbroken. She was upset that she was engaged and that it was very much the spotlight was on me and someone else.” He continued saying, “And it was hard to be happy as a couple and try to blossom when I had to kind of promote my show.” So in a way, Gabby was also to blame for his broken love with Victoria.

Johnny and Victoria via YouTube

He said three days after Paradise finished filming Victoria called him crying because of The Bachelorette. He said, “I had to promote me and Gabby. I was just like, ‘This is heartbreaking to me.’ It’s like, she wants to be happy. And she’s like, ‘I don’t feel happy.’ And it was awful and I think that started a lot of rocky conversations before our [first] happy couple [weekend].”

Both Victoria and Johnny disagreed on when their relationship was finally officially over. She says they were only engaged for three weeks and the real end was a short time later.

Johnny alleges that they didn’t split until in September and she changed the timeline because of Greg.

Gabby and Johnny via YouTube

When he thinks she hooked up with Greg

According to Johhny, his relationship with Victoria really took a nosedive after she and Greg attended the same birthday party in late August.

This is when Johnny realized Victoria was done with him.

He also said there was talk about still being together just not engaged. He said, “We were talking every day. We were FaceTiming, we were making plans. I had bought tickets to [go to] her house before that party, you know, like, at no point where I was like, ‘Oh, we’re done.’ We were very much still together. … I think the main thing was like, ‘Are we going to walk on that stage engaged?’ … At no point was I like, ‘We’re not together anymore.’ I mean, you don’t say I love you to someone that you’re not together [with].”

The reunion

Johnny said it crushed him seeing Greg join Victoria on stage at the reunion. He said he was only on stage for five minutes.

Johnny said, “I had to sit in my trailer by myself. I was like, ‘This is bulls—t.’ I didn’t get to spend time with the cast who I love.” He continued, “I didn’t get to see Wells [Adams], I didn’t get to talk to anyone. I got to go on stage, have a fight with someone that I truly care about, and then walk away, like, empty-handed from everything. That night sucked. I call my mom crying. I was just like, ‘This is f—king awful.’ I know that we’re not allowed to have our phones, I was like, ‘Give me my f—king phone, I need to talk to my mom right now.’”

He and Victoria talked after the reunion. Things were okay briefly then he saw Nick Viall’s soft launch on TikTok with Victoria and Greg at his house.

Overall, Johnny has been hurt by how it all played out.

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