Will Don Mancini’s ‘Chucky’ Be Renewed For Season 3?

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Syfy and USA Network’s Chucky TV adaptation is a perfect blend of horror and comedy that justifies the cult horror movies it is inspired from. The series recently wrapped up its second season with the finale episode that aired on November 23. With an intriguing premise inspired by the original movie, the series has surely acquired a dedicated fan base. So, will the series be renewed for a third season? Keep reading to find out the details!

Chucky TV Series Is A Continuation Of The Cult Of Chucky

The slasher series premiered simultaneously on USA Network and Syfy on October 12, 2021, and has received generally positive reviews. In November 2021, it was renewed for another season that premiered on October 5, 2022. As per Variety, it continues the story from the seventh movie in the franchise titled Cult Of Chucky.

Chucky Syfy USA Network YouTube

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Although fans were initially skeptical of the series being a poor attempt at the classic horror/slasher franchise, the series actually turned out to be a welcome surprise. The TV adaptation managed to tap into the essence of what makes Child’s Play such a great franchise. By the end of season one, Chucky’s plans were foiled but he was not done.

What Was Chucky Season 2 About?

Season 2 revived his desperation for revenge and now Chucky is intent on taking out the surviving teens from the first season.

Chucky Syfy USA Network YouTube

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This includes Devon, Lexy, and Jake, along with his ex Tiffany, who’s now his sworn enemy. In the finale episode of the series, the murderous doll chose Christmas Eve to reveal that he wasn’t dead even after the exorcism that happened in the penultimate episode. However, if you take a look at Chucky’s history, it was never as easy to get rid of him. After he transferred himself into a secret Good Guy doll hidden by Dr. Mixter, he finally made his move on the trio.

Has Chucky Been Renewed For A Third Season?

Given how Season 2 has ended, fans would think by now the series should have been renewed. However, at the time of writing, Chucky hasn’t been renewed for a third season.

So far, the series has had a really good reaction from critics and audiences alike. However, the ratings tell a different story. The series started with a 0.35 Million viewers mark. However, it has significantly dropped by 55% to the 0.13 Million mark by Season 2. Given how big a role ratings play in a series’ renewal, there is a big chance that the series might not be renewed.

Chucky Syfy USA Network YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

If in case the network does approve the series for a third season, there is a chance that the new season will air at some point in late 2023. This is mostly because cable loves series that have a quick turnaround time. With Chucky having a comparatively small batch of episodes per season, the expected time of arrival is fairly faster.

Would you love to see the evil doll return for another season? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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