Wells Adams Talks Heavy ‘BIP’ Reunion

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Wells Adams stopped by Bachelor Happy Hour to talk about the BIP reunion. He and Joe Amabile revealed what fans already know, they didn’t show everything that happened. Joe said they filmed for twelve hours. There were probably a lot of things fans didn’t get to see and several would have liked to see more love from the couples that made it.

A lot happened at the reunion that rubbed fans the wrong way such as Brittany Galvin being cold to Tyler Norris. The two had broken up with Tyler saying she did it over facetime. Victoria Fuller and Johnny DePhillipo not being together and her being with Greg Grippo, plus the whole Kate Gallivan shading Logan and him standing up for himself. These were the things that made the reunion feel so heavy to Wells.

The Vibe Of The Show Was Very Serious

Wells Adams said the show was really serious. Moreover, he’d filmed some fun segments for it and they didn’t use any of them.  He said there were no winners in the Victoria Fuller, Johnny, Greg situation. Victoria had alleged Johnny wasn’t a good fiance on Instagram and stated Greg was there for her throughout her experience. Therefore, this caused fans to speculate she’d been cheating.

Wells Adams, Instagram
Wells Adams, Instagram

Joe said he didn’t see anyone smiling or happy at the reunion, the feeling was not the same as the reunion he participated in before. He attended with his wife Serena Pitt. Both men agreed that the vibe was a bit off because of things not working out.

Wells said while he hated to use the cliché it was fair to say this, “was definitely the most dramatic one we’ve done.” The reunion was a lot more dramatic than the whole show, which had plenty of crazy drama.

Wells Adams Had A Moment

Wells Adams did share one moment that was totally authentic according to Bachelor Nation. It made him a bit teary-eyed because he and Danielle Maltby have been friends for a long time. He said when Michael Allio told her he was in love with her it was, “the most authentic thing,” he’d seen. Michael had waited until she was able to meet his son before they took the big steps.

Wells Adams, Instagram
Wells Adams, Instagram

He went on to say sometimes it’s hard to know what’s real, and that truly was. Wells told Becca Kufrin, it was one of his favorite Bachelor Nation moments. He loved how shocked she was, and that she was talking over Jesse. Read about Wells being a newly married man here.

How did you feel about the reunion? Was it hard for you to watch? Did you think everyone seemed upset and not really into being there? Comment with your thoughts below.

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