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‘The Masked Singer’ Newbie Drops Out, Bothers Ken Jeong?

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The Masked Singer newbie dropped out of Wednesday’s broadcast. They bothered celebrity panelist Ken Jeong. The FOX reality series broadcasted something that never happened before. Someone dropped out early in the competition.

It’s not an exaggeration. This is the first time that someone dropped out this early in the competition. The shocking twist is that it was a newcomer. This week, the popular reality show airs on both Wednesday and Thursday since it was pushed back due to the World Series.

So far, it’s been a close competition. Sir Bug a Boo and the Scarecrow made their debut on last night’s episode, which was themed “Fright Night.”

Scarecrow Performs On The Masked Singer [The Masked Singer | YouTube]
[The Masked Singer | YouTube]

Scarecrow drops out of the competition

In a shocking twist, the Scarecrow dropped out of The Masked Singer competition. Both the Scarecrow and Sir Bug a Boo took on the Snowstorm for a spot in the semi-finals. When it came to voting which two should end up in the battle round, the Scarecrow shared an announcement. They admitted that they didn’t want to stay on the show any longer.

“I love this show so much,” they said. “I want to share how much I love you and what you have all done for the world and family entertainment. But I would like to officially bow out and unmask and let these two incredible competitors go on. These two competitors are the real deal.”

Scarecrow Drops Out [The Masked Singer | YouTube]
[The Masked Singer | YouTube]
The Scarecrow didn’t want to stay long on the show. The only reason why they joined The Masked Singer is that it puts a smile on many people’s faces. Since the show brought them so much joy, they wanted to give back. Ultimately, Sir Bug a Boo and the Snowstorm ended up in the battle rounds.

Wanted to “bother” The Masked Singer’s Ken Jeong?

Before unmasking, the Scarecrow joked that they only wanted to “bother” celebrity judge Ken Jeong. Host Nick Cannon and the judges couldn’t believe what was happening. Even the audience was screaming for them to stay. The Masked Singer viewers took to Twitter to wonder what was happening.

“I have a really special reason for being here and I want them to enjoy this stage and all the accolades they so deserve,” the Scarecrow explained. “I’ve enjoyed entertaining you so much through the years.”

Scarecrow unmasked as The Exorcist star Linda Blair. In her clue package, she called herself “the scariest contestant in Masked Singer history.” She made a reference to the late director Wes Craven. Scarecrow hinted that she makes “fans scream” while she had to “bend over backward to get the Academy to recognize my work.”

Linda Blair As The Scarecrow [The Masked Singer | YouTube]
[The Masked Singer | YouTube]

Linda Blair unmasked as Scarecrow

Linda Blair explained that she joined The Masked Singer to focus on something more positive than her philanthropy work. She regularly works with abused animals. She watches the show to get some joy out of her life. Linda promoted her organization and hopes that others will do their part to help.

Ken Jeong Claps For Linda Blair [The Masked Singer | YouTube]
[The Masked Singer | YouTube]
What are your thoughts on The Masked Singer newcomer dropping out? Does it surprise you? Did you guess Linda Blair? Sound off below in the comment section.

The Masked Singer Season 8 semi-finals air on Thursday, November 24 on FOX at 8 p.m. ET.

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