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Love Behind Bars: Is Todd & Julie Chrisley’s Marriage Doomed?

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The Chrisley Knows Best and Chrisley Knows Prison subreddits are booming as Todd and Julie Chrisley were collectively sentenced to 19 years behind bars. In the end, the verdict was that Todd Chrisley would serve 12 years behind bars, and his wife Julie would serve seven. Unsurprisingly, the couple (and their family) are absolutely gutted by this verdict as it means Chloe and Grayson will both be forced to finish growing up without their parents. Fortunately, their daughter Savannah Chrisley has agreed to step in as the guardian. Though, some fans wonder whether she’s really capable of raising two children.

One big topic of conversation on Reddit this week has been Todd and Julie Chrisley’s marriage. Could their love survive 19 years behind bars? Would they be allowed to see or speak to each other during the seven years that Julie is behind bars?

Chrisley Knows Best - Todd Chrisley - Youtube
Chrisley Knows Best – Todd Chrisley – Youtube

Chrisley Knows Best fans think Todd and Julie’s marriage is doomed

While it is important to take this information with a grain of salt because it is all just fan chatter, one piece of information swirling around is that Todd and Julie aren’t going to be able to talk to each other. Many individuals have pointed out that communication between prisoners locked up at different facilities is generally frowned upon.

Moreover, fans aren’t sure if they will be able to write letters, exchange phone calls, or exchange emails. At most, fans are speculating Julie and Todd will only be able to communicate through their children and their lawyers.

Todd And Julie Chrisley YouTube

Here’s what some fans have had to say about the situation:

  • “No contact with each other so I doubt their marriage lasts.”
  • “Wow. So they are basically saying goodbye to each other for a minimum of 7 years no contact. I can’t imagine what they are feeling right now. I understand they’re guilty, but still. Zero communication with someone you’ve been with for almost 30 years. That’s tough!”
  • “No. The kids can communicate back and forth for them but they can’t send phone calls or letters to each other.”
  • “Yea it is. Which is why they should have taken a deal. With nanny Faye being as old as she is and her health not being good he is an absolute idiot for going to trial.”

There are, however, some individuals arguing the above information isn’t true and that they will be allowed to communicate to some degree because they are legally married.

Todd Chrisley Youtube
Todd Chrisley Youtube

Ultimately, however, fans aren’t sure how any marriage could survive with the couple not seeing or touching each other for a minimum of seven years. Do you think Todd and Julie Chrisley’s marriage is doomed? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more on Chrisley Knows Best.

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