‘Dirty Jobs’ With Mike Rowe Is Back On Discovery: All The Details

Dirty Jobs Mike Rowe-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VFv6eoB1Lfg

Are you ready for the dirtiest season ever? Discovery’s Dirty Jobs With Mike Rowe is back for Season 10. This time, Mike Rowe’s jobs are so gruesome that the camera people cannot even watch when filming!

But, we all know that the dirtier the job is, the better Mike likes it! Here are the details.

Mike Rowe Is Back With A New Season Of Dirty Jobs

According to The Futon Critic, Mike Rowe is back with another season of Dirty Jobs. In the promo video, Mike reimagines the classic holiday song “Deck The Halls,” and sings, “Dirty Jobs is back on TV every Sunday night…Dirty Jobs is still disgusting every Sunday.”

Every Sunday, the Discovery star will do those essential jobs that a few people do, that makes life for the rest of us a whole lot easier and less gruesome.

He kicks it off by going to West Palm Beach, Florida to clean the dirtiest pool in America. Turns out, it has not been cleaned in 17 years. What sorts of gunk and gruesome grime will Mike find?

Mike Rowe Dirty Jobs-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vwu3qscFyOA
Mike Rowe Dirty Jobs-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vwu3qscFyOA

Then he darts across Alligator Alley to Orlando. There, he helps take old soap to manufacture new soap to help the needy. How do they do that? You will have to watch to find out!

When Will Dirty Jobs Premiere?

The premiere of a new season of Dirty Jobs With Mike Rowe is on Sunday, December 11, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on Discovery. It will also be available to stream on Discovery+ on the same day.

What are Some Of Mike Rowe’s Dirty Jobs This Season?

The new season of Dirty Jobs With Mike Rowe has a cornucopia of unique jobs. What are some of Mike’s tasks?

First of all, he becomes a Beaver Relocator. In this job, Mike heads over to Utah. There, he “traps, treats, and relocates urban nuisance beavers.” This helps save the local ecosystem and protect municipal infrastructures.

Next, Mike is a Deer Urine Farmer. Rowe jets over to Illinois for this job. Here, he collects urine from deer, before bottling it up. Finally, he sells the “freshest farm-raised deer urine on the market” to hunters. While doing this, he “discovers feces from a new species of deer.” Will this be called the “Rowe Deer”?

Mike heads to Tennessee to be a Manhole Rehabilitator. He gets really dirty in this one, as his job is to stop sewage, and work on maintaining the sewers.

In Texas, Mike Rowe becomes a Feral Cat Fixer. The Dirty Jobs star has to herd cats. He works with some “cat ladies” who have a mission. They aim to “control local feral cat populations by capturing, neutering, and releasing these feral furballs.”

Wait…There’s More

As an Aquatic Necropsy, Mike works with a team of biologists to determine the cause of a dolphin’s death. That means he will be assisting in “performing a necropsy by diving elbow-deep into a recently deceased bottlenose dolphin.”

A Pensacola, Florida bridge is dilapidated so now Mike needs to be a Pile Jacketer. That means he is waist-deep in a river, and the infrastructure is crumbling around him.

Lastly, Mike is a Spice Maker. He heads home to Baltimore to “rectify an OLD mistake and learns the recipe for Maryland’s most popular crab seasoning.”

Which job do you think is the most gruesome this season? Don’t miss the premiere of Dirty Jobs With Mike Rowe, on Sunday, December 11, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on Discovery.

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  1. Suggestion for the new season of Dirty Jobs.
    It’s a little different than the jobs Mike has done, but I think he might be interested. Since most of the jobs so far have involved mud, grease, sweat, blood and poop, I am suggesting a very necessary job that involves very little dirt. How about having Mike work as a class-1 Clean Room cleaner. Rooms where things that NEED to be so clean it is almost impossible to achieve. Still involves Mike getting into a clean suit, (space confining, hot, limited dexterity and terrible acoustics).

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