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Michael Allio Shares Heartfelt Message To Danielle Following Finale

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Fans have followed single dad Michael Allio since Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette. He lost his wife, Laura, to cancer and is finally ready to open his heart again. It seems the perfect woman for Michael is Danielle Maltby. They connected on Bachelor in Paradise and have been going strong ever since. Now that the finale has aired Michael is sharing his true feelings toward Danielle. Keep reading to find out more.

Michael Allio shares heartfelt message

Michael Allio went to Instagram to share his heartfelt emotions in regard to Danielle Maltby. He shared two black-and-white photos of them together. Then, he began his sweet sentiments.

Michael said, “Where do I begin? Well, I feel like my journey to find love has been far from ordinary. I’ve never been one to shy away from risk, often preferring to create my own fresh set of footprints on this road less traveled. I’m an adventurer at heart, but little did I know how this journey would end nor the challenges I would face along the way. But I guess that’s the point, isn’t it? We’re not supposed to know how it ends… just expected to muster up enough courage to begin… and to keep going when times get tough. And trust me when I say… this has been tough.”

Michael continued on saying that he leaned on his biggest supporters to help him heal from the wounds inflicted by his critics. He noted he doesn’t hold anything against anyone who has passed judgment.

He continued saying,  “I’m thankful for this… because that path led me to you Miss Maltby. A most beautiful gift that I’ll never feel quite worthy of but one that I’ll never take for granted.”

He continued on to express his love for Danielle

Michael went on saying, Danielle carries a kind of love that most never find. It’s deeply embedded in her and something she generously hands out to everyone she encounters. You can feel it when she enters the room. It’s magical… I’m lucky. She cares for me in a way that’s hard to explain. She’s gentle, empathetic, funny, beautiful and incredibly smart. We share a tragic past that we will carry with us forever but one that will never define us. As we look into our rear view with a smile and anxiously await what lies ahead, I now know for certain, I’m glad to be walking down this road less traveled with you.”

He ended with, “So where do I begin? How about take my hand… after all its just the beginning… I love you Dani. Time to light a fire with the love they left behind ❤️”

He also said it’s been wonderful sharing a piece of their life with everyone and he thanked everyone for the support.

Danielle Maltby and Michael Allio via Instagram

Danielle gushed over him too

Danielle is just as smitten with Michael as he is with her. She also shared a video and heartfelt message on her Instagram. The video showed some of their treasured times together since they met six months ago on a beach in Mexico.

She gushed about their special moments and letting their guard down. She said, “You are the easiest to love. You are solid, unwavering, passionate and safe. You are my favorite place to land.”

Bachelor Nation has been flooding both Michael and Danielle with congrats and well wishes.

During the BIP reunion, Michael told Danielle for the first time that he is in love with her. Michael and Danielle have also said she is moving to Akron, Ohio. They won’t be living together for the moment but at least will be in the same city.

He’s finally moving on and learning to love again.

Congrats to Danielle and Michael.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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