‘Jeopardy!’ Execs Grilled By Fans For Lazy Writing

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Jeopardy! has surprised fans and contestants alike with surprising categories and clues. However, in the latest Tournament of Champions episode, the show makers were bashed for a lazily written clue. The game show in its clue asked for a traditional Mexican cuisine with an ingredient that is unheard of. What did fans have to say? Keep reading to find out the details!

Jeopardy! Lists Enchilada Under Cream Cheese Category

On Monday’s episode, the clue under the “With Cream Cheese” category for $1200 read:

“Wrap a tortilla around chicken and cream cheese to get this dish whose Spanish name means ‘spiced with chile.’”

Jeopardy! Tournament Of Champions YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

One of the three Tournament Of Champions finalists from 21 contenders, Andrew He, buzzed in. After a bit of hesitation, he responded, “What is: Enchilada?”

Jeopardy! Fans Bash Writers For Lazy Clue Writing

However, the sluggish writing wasn’t welcomed by fans who took to Reddit to showcase their disappointment. They grilled the writers and makers for thinking the Mexican item would even be stuffed with cream cheese.

One fan wrote, “My ancestors are rolling in their graves.”

“Honestly really lazy clue writing. Who thinks cream cheese is part of authentic enchiladas?” added another.

Jeopardy! 2022 Tournament Of Champions YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

John Focht, a Texas-based Jeopardy! semi-finalist also agreed with fans and said, “I definitely turned to my mother in confusion on this one.”

“Her enchiladas, which definitely do not have cream cheese, are a prime comfort food,” he continued.

A fourth Reddit user hilariously noted, “I literally made enchiladas tonight and was eating while I was watching.”

Amy Schneider Wins Tournament Of Champions

The network aired the 2022 Tournament Of Champions where Andrew faced 40-time winner Amy Schneider and fan-favorite professor Sam Buttrey. As reported by The Sun, fans were deeply divided over a religious clue on the Final Jeopardy round that robbed Sam of winning the game. On the other hand, a disgusting Gabby Petito clue on a Celebrity Jeopardy! spinoff led to a big uproar among fans.

After six intense games, Amy Schneider finally emerged as the winner of the tournament bagging $250K in winnings. In the finale episode that aired on Monday, Amy had $15,600 in the Final Jeopardy round. Way behind her was Andrew with $14,200 and Sam Buttrey at $8000.

Amy Schneider YouTube Jeopardy!

[Source: YouTube]

As the crowd cheered and roared for Amy, Ken Jennings announced, “Amy Schneider, that’s your third win!”

Andrew went home with $100K bagging the second position in the tournament while Sam took home $50K in the third position. Now that the 2022 Tournament Of Champions has concluded, Jeopardy! is back with reigning champion Cris Pannullo.

While Ken Jennings is currently hosting the show, his co-host Mayim Bialik is in charge of Celebrity Jeopardy! spinoff.

What do you think of Jeopardy!’s latest Mexican cuisine clue? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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