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‘Chainsaw Man’ Controversy Has The Whole Internet Divided

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Nick Davis

Chainsaw Man is one of the most popular new anime of the year. The anticipation for Season 1 of this show has been unlike any other manga adaptation coming to television. Despite the anticipation, some fans are taking up issues with a certain character now that the anime is here. In response to those complaints, others have been rushing to the character’s defense.

The result seems like an all-out Chainsaw Man fandom civil war brewing across anime social media. Who is this character that has people so riled up?

Everybody Hates Kobeni

Her name is Kobeni. She’s one of the main characters of Chainsaw Man. She is introduced very early on in Season 1. Viewers meet her and a number of other characters at the same time illustrating the danger of being a Devil Hunter. They serve to show the level of mental resiliency, and a certain level of insanity, necessary to do what the best protagonists in the show pull off. Basically, Kobeni shows what not to do. She immediately cracks under pressure and tries to kill Denji, the primary protagonist and Chainsaw Man himself, with a knife.

kobeni chainsaw man
Kobeni, one of the primary characters of ‘Chainsaw Man’

Kobeni trying to kill Denji isn’t what’s turning the internet against her, though. Denji usually dies a couple of times an episode, so nobody minds that too much. The tweet that started the firestorm of hate for Kobeni is one talking about how “giving her a voice was a mistake.” The problem seems to be that people find Kobeni too shrill and whiny. She does cry an obscene amount in her premiere episode, in all fairness. Her defenders ask that people give the show some time to flesh out her character, knowing what’s to come for Kobeni after reading the manga.

Will people give Kobeni that chance? Probably not. The internet isn’t known for being particularly forgiving. In the same vein, Kobeni’s fans will not give in. So she’ll likely go down as one of the show’s most controversial characters.

The Chainsaw Man Storm

Chainsaw Man is the story of a teenager who goes from absolute poverty to someone of stature after gaining the power of a devil. He joins a group called the Devil Hunters that tries to prevent other devils from wreaking havoc across the world. But, mostly, Denji’s just in it to kiss girls. The anime is already a massive hit without even a full first season under its belt. So it is absolutely something to continue to watch out for in the future.

Chainsaw Man Season 1 is ongoing and new episodes are available to stream on Crunchyroll.

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