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Wendy Williams’ Brother Tommy Demands Answers

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Wendy Williams’ brother Tommy is demanding answers. He wants to know what she’s been doing after leaving rehab. Tommy claims that she has been “partying with 25-year-olds.” This comes just a few weeks after Wendy left a Malibu wellness facility.

Tommy is opening up about her post-rehab life. He was hoping that she would reunite with her family. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Wendy is estranged from her son Kevin Hunter Jr. He called out her partying lifestyle and strained relationship with her family.

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Tommy Williams questions his famous sister

In an exclusive interview with The U.S. Sun, Tommy spoke out about Wendy Williams’ post-rehab life. The former daytime television host promised fans that she’s prepping for her comeback. However, Tommy claims that she’s been partying too hard in New York City.

He’s demanding questions. Wendy Williams made a brief return to Instagram to assure her fans that she’s doing well after rehab. Tommy has his doubts. He thinks his famous sister would be better off in Florida with their family.

Tommy With His Sister Wendy Williams [Instagram]
“I have no belief that Wendy is doing as well as she was doing when she was down here in Florida,” Tommy explained to The U.S. Sun. “I know there are evil-doers lurking about. With her absence comes questions, and scrutiny: How is she living, what is she doing and what the hell is she up to?”

Tommy mentioned the many times he was there for Wendy, even at her darkest moments. He fears that she’s “going backward” with her sobriety. Wendy’s brother isn’t convinced that she is ready to get back to work. He feels that she should focus on her health and well-being first by repairing her relationship with her family.

“You’re going to find some 18 or 25-year-olds to hang out with? I saw photos of her a little while back at some club,” Tommy mentioned the viral video of Wendy Williams at a strip club. “What is she doing?”

Wendy Williams At Strip Club [TikTok]

Wendy Williams estranged from her family

Tommy admits that he used to do drugs with his sister back in the day. He also says that Wendy Williams would rely on him for her own career. Now, he feels that her lifestyle has gotten out of control. Tommy hopes he can reach out to her and “talk her off the ledge of whatever she’s doing.”

He would love to reconnect with his sister soon. Even though Tommy isn’t happy with Wendy, he hopes that she will reach out. This comes amid the news that Wendy Williams is estranged from her family. She’s not even communicating with her son who helped her with her health issues.

What are your thoughts on Wendy Williams’ brother demanding answers? Do you think he has every right to? Sound off below in the comment section.

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