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‘The View’ Whoopi Goldberg Sends Cryptic Message, Over It?

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The View moderator Whoopi Goldberg sent a cryptic message to the viewers at home. She hinted that she’s “over it.” She came back with a vengeance on Monday, November 21, but the fans weren’t having it. Most of them called out the comedian for her hypocrisy.

Whoopi was out the previous week because she was recovering from COVID. Her rep was the first to share the news, followed by her co-host Joy Behar who announced the news last Tuesday. She revealed on yesterday’s show that she still had a cough and couldn’t breathe. However, fans think she returned too soon and should’ve worn a mask.

Find out what Whoopi Goldberg has to say to the critics amid the backlash.

Whoopi Goldberg Returns To The View
[The View | YouTube]

Is Whoopi Goldberg over it?

On Monday’s live broadcast of The View, Whoopi Goldberg sent a cryptic message to the critics and viewers at home. She returned to the talk show with her fellow co-hosts. Whoopi walked out on stage with a black hooded sweatshirt that read “Over It.” She was also full of attitude during the broadcast.

Whoopi also had another message for the viewers. The 67-year-old returned to her role as moderator. She admitted that she had a “rough” bout of COVID. During the show, Whoopi didn’t get a warm welcome from the viewers at home. She already had a stern message for them.

Whoopi Goldberg Talks COVID [The View | YouTube]
[The View | YouTube]
“You can get boosted within an inch of your life and then the next thing you know you got COVID again,” Whoopi Goldberg said during the show. “But I don’t have it now and that’s why I’m back at the table.”

She suggested that she didn’t want to go back on the show. Whoopi also revealed that her symptoms were more “rough” than most people claim. Both she and her co-host Sunny Hostin urged the people at home to mask up. This comes at the same time fans were criticizing her on Twitter for not practicing what she preached.

Whoopi Goldberg [The View | YouTube]
[The View | YouTube]

The View moderator says COVID is “no joke”

Whoopi Goldberg is normally the type of person who jokes around. However, she admitted that COVID is “no joke.” She feels that people should still be wearing masks. Sunny Hostin shared that she flew to Florida over the weekend and she was the only one who was wearing a mask on her flight.

“Yeah, this is no joke,” Whoopi Goldberg chimed in. “You know when we wore our masks, everybody was mad but nobody got sick. Now we’ve taken the masks off, and all the stuff that used to happen to us all the time is happening again.”

Whoopi coughed during her conversation. She explained that she wasn’t still sick, she just had to “clear” her throat still. Whoopi wanted the audience and viewers at home to “hear” what she was saying. What are your thoughts on Whoopi Goldberg sending a cryptic message? Do you think she’s over it? Sound off below in the comment section.

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