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‘Sister Wives’ Janelle & Savanah Brown Homeless?

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Savanah Brown is one of the quieter Brown children. However, she’s getting a bit more screen time this season because she’s still in high school and lives with her mother Janelle. This season, Kody and Janelle are arguing over finances and living situations. When the property manager decided to sell Janelle’s rental home, she decided to buy an RV and live on the Coyote Pass property with Savanah. But now that Christine moved back to Utah, Kody really wants Janelle to buy Christine’s house. Of course, that’s really making the financial situation complicated.

What will happen next this season? Will Janelle and Savanah be homeless? Keep reading to see what might happen in the upcoming episodes.

Janelle & Savanah Brown will live in an RV, but that choice annoys Kody

Since Janelle announced that she and Savanah would live in an RV on the Coyote Pass lot, Kody has been very bitter and angry. He’s consistently criticized Janelle’s choice and said he isn’t really interested in living out there with her. Instead, he thinks it would just make sense for her to buy Christine’s old house.

But of course, that’s going to be really rough on Janelle’s finances. And Kody doesn’t really seem interested in offering her any of the family money.

Savanah Brown, Kody Brown, and Janelle Brown from Sister Wives, TLC
Sister Wives/TLC

“I can’t afford both house mortgages. I can’t buy this house and in any shape or form, finance another house, even if it’s small. I just can’t,” Janelle admits in the latest clip. She also unloads on Kody and lets him have it like never before.

But Kody chooses to put all the blame on Janelle and turns the situation around on her.

“If Janelle wouldn’t have bought the RV, she could have been able to afford the mortgage on Christine’s house,” the family patriarch says.

Check out the latest clip from the new episode here and see what’s coming up next:

What exactly happened after Kody and Janelle butted heads?

Keep in mind that the events of Season 17 are about 18 months in the past. Fans know that Janelle and Savanah did manage to live on the Coyote Pass property for a period of time. And the Browns still haven’t broken ground on the property as of late 2022.

It’s not immediately clear what ended up happening, but with so many children, it doesn’t seem likely that anyone allowed Janelle and Savanah to be homeless.

Fans are still waiting for an official confirmation from either the Browns or TLC, but it appears that Janelle may have actually left the family too. For now, viewers will have to stay tuned for more information.

Don’t forget to watch the latest episode of Sister Wives this Sunday night on TLC at 10 PM eastern time.

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  1. Kody Brown is nothing.but a user!!!!!
    I’m soooo glad that all the girls are realizing what a loser he really is. Without the girls he is NOTHING!!!

    1. I hope Janelle will come out of this okay. Kody uses the women as his servants to do his bidding and support his manipulative choices. There is nothing wrong with living in an RV. I found it logical that Janelle would be resourceful enough to mix pleasure with getting busy building, as no one else is. Janelle has sacrificed for the family over and over. Kody needs to STOP playing the victim. He likes pointing to the others to “look at what so an so is doing” and nevermind what he is doing. This guy has NO backbone. what a waste.

  2. Since Kody has several wives minus one, isn’t he the one who should be providing for them? What is the benefit to the wives of being in a plural marriage if each wife is responsible for paying all of their own household expenses? They can do better on their own as a single parent, or, find a husband that they won’t have to share. That is a crazy situation!

  3. kody is all about him. he is left with Robyn the only one with small children. when all his older kids are moving away to college. he has nothing for his other wives. He is a looser. throw him a bone. he will never love meri and Janelle is getting fed up with his attitude.

  4. meri should leave he tells her all the time i don’t like how she thinks thsy it is fine for her to just leave i see the hurt and to be honest he needs to be with judt robyn they are alike she didn’t have money when he started dating her but now she does sounds kind of fishie doesn’t robon gets money from the other women and she thinks thst it is just fine and had him adopt her kids wow makes you thinks about her back yard doesn’t it. robyns kids are still living with mommy why they are old enoigh to take care of themselves is something funny their or what????

  5. Meri is pitiful. She had the nerve to be angry at Christine for leaving with her self respect. She has no respect for herself; trying to wait around to see if Kody will take her back. That’s never going to happen!!! He’s said he wouldn’t care if she left and Robin said she wouldn’t blame her if she left. So what are you waiting on Meri? No one wants you hanging around. Leave and get a life!

  6. I feel bad for Janel. I really think they are all living off of her. Meri I get it, but he’s said he didn’t care if you stayed. I’d be out if you have no more respect than that for you. Congratulations for Christine. I’m excited about her new future. Robyn well I wish her luck because she’s gonna need it.

  7. Cody, Loser at large. The females in this drama need to grap their self respect and the children and leave now. it may be too late for some of the children to learn how love really looks and behaves. But they need a chance to learn different social mores and compassion.

  8. I think kody is a nasty dog always has been . An Robin has always been his favorite I can’t stand her . She is ugly an she planned on that little game of stealing Meri husband so she could be the real legal wife x But I do not like Meri I either she is stupid . I am so so happy that Christine left that nasty dog kody an I hope Janell will leave him to they deserve so much better than that poodle hair ugly nasty kody

  9. Cody Brown is an egotistical selfish human being. he says he has the faith but let’s see what faith he has. in the Bible it states do unto others as you would have them do unto you. those women deserves so much better. I have no clue why any woman would want a man like him. Robin Brown All she wants to do is cry. otherwise known as sobbing Robin. she can’t even cry right. what do these women see in him. I don’t know what faith he may be but my faith is that of a Baptist.

  10. Kody is nothing but a BULLY a they all need to leave his worthless ASS. And his kids have already decided he’s a worthless peace of crap. All the ladies need to leave his worthless ass.

  11. I really don’t think it’s about the wives, I think it’s about the kids. All the other children are grown and he can’t control them anymore. The little kids he can. If any woman would be stupid enough to marry him and have more kids Robin would be out on her ear. It’s the little kids he wants.

  12. If these women are so blind, stupid and have so little self-respect, to want to stay with a narcissistic a–hole, then maybe they deserve the treatment they get from a swinging dick like Kody!! Christine is the only one brave enough to say, basically, that she deserves better out of life. I hope Janelle tells him to “fuck off” again, pack her bags and leave him without HER income…and then maybe Robyn will have to get off her ass and go to work to help pay for the house and housekeeper and stop mooching off of the others!

    1. I agree with you about the wives that choose to stay..they should not complain about the treatment… I can’t believe that Meri could pray and God answers that she should stay with a man that has told her she is welcome to leave. I’m sure the show is the biggest part of they’re income.It would be just as interesting even more if they filmed the wives leaving him…and what is his problem with the kids they are GROWN… he lives with the youngest 2 visit Truely and shut up about kids grown kids have already figured out who is who.. They know Kody

  13. everything was fine until meri brought Robin into the family, Robin conned Meri to divorce Cody and Meri did Christine and Janelle treat you bad when you was on a dating site and got catfished no they rallied around you but for Christine the stand up for herself y’all have really showed what true sister wives are I admire Christine. no whenever Christine’s daughter needed surgery Cody couldn’t go God forbid cause Robin’s children are more important than Christine’s children enough said Cody you are sorry low down man daddy should I say Daddy you’re a sorry Daddy

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