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Kanye West’s New Girlfriend Poses In Next To Nothing

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Kanye West has a new girlfriend who loves to show off her body on Instagram. Now, she’s posing in a more revealing outfit than ever before. Keep reading for all the juicy details!

Kanye West’s girlfriend’s new post

Juliana Nalu, AKA Kanye West’s newest girlfriend has taken to Instagram to share some pretty revealing photos of herself. The model is wearing next to nothing as she seemingly struts her stuff.

In the photos, Juliana is wearing an outfit that seems to be made of only fishnets. The fishnet-style material covers her entire body including her arms, legs, and middle. Of course, the fishnet is see-through, so Juliana leaves little to the imagination. However, she does have all the necessary parts covered that need to be covered to be Instagram-safe.

Juliana Nalu, Kanye West | Youtube
Juliana Nalu | Youtube

Her hair is hanging down long around her middle while she hides behind some big, black sunglasses. She finishes the look with some oversized black rainboot-style shoes. This is actually quite similar to the shoes she was wearing in another recent outfit, however, those were white instead of black.

Her savage caption

Despite how great Juliana looks, one thing stands out in her post more than the rest – her caption. The Instagram model captioned her post “Show your doctor.” Of course, this got a ton of attention in her comment section.

  • “This caption 😭 ily”
  • “Show your doctor wow. Savage.”
  • “Cmon caption!”
  • “Caption is everything! Yes to the all natural queen”
  • “So much savagery in the caption..”

Is Kim Kardashian jealous?

Of course, Kim Kardashian used to be married to Kanye West, however, they have since gotten a divorce. Fans wonder though if Kim is trying to make Pete or Kanye jealous with one of her own recent posts.

Kim posted some photos of herself on Instagram with a massive bouquet. She doesn’t say who the flowers are from or why she got them. Instead, she just captions the post with a flower emoji. Of course, fans instantly got suspicious of this timing and called her out in the comments.

  • “Well who are they from?”
  • “She’s trying to make it look like she moved onto [sic] in response to Pete but they’re probably her sisters.”
  • “her Halloween decorations are still up. Pete went public with his new relationship yesterday.”

Kim has still not shared who the flowers are from. Fans will just have to wait and see if she announces a new man any time soon!

Do you follow Juliana Nalu on Instagram? What do you think of Kanye West’s new girlfriend? Let us know in the comments below. Come back for more news on all of your favorite celebrities!

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