Gabe Brown Mourns Loss In Wolf Pack On ‘Alaskan Bush People’

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The new season of Alaskan Bush People spent the past several episodes with Noah Brown in Alaska. He was looking for a new home. Noah wants to move back to where his family raised him. This is so his kids can experience the same sort of upbringing. Gabe Brown was there to help his brother in the house hunt.

In the last episode, Noah found a perfect home to buy. Once he secured the deal, they returned to Washington. It was there that reality set in. After the episode, Gabe mourned the loss of part of the Wolf Pack.

Gabe realizes he is losing his brother soon

Gabe Brown on Alaskan Bush People - episode screencap

Gabe Brown has his own dreams. He wants to build a cabin in the woods for his family to move into. His dreams include coming home from a hard day’s work on the ranch and finding his wife and kids waiting for him. It is a sweet dream, and on the last episode of Alaskan Bush People, he asked Noah to help him make this come true.

Since Gabe showed up in Alaska to help Noah out, his brother felt he owed him. Gabe helped Noah finish some work in Alaska on the barter system, and Noah paid him back by helping clear the land for Gabe’s new house. Noah admitted it made him feel good to help his brother, and the two worked hard to get the spot cleared to plan the building of the new home.

However, when they finished, Gabe made some comments in one of his confessionals. He admitted he was not looking forward to Noah moving back to Alaska, even though he was happy for his brother. He just sees this as part of the Wolf Pack breaking apart. While Noah said he hoped the family would come to see him, including their mom, he knows hundreds of miles separate Alaska and Washington.

Will Alaskan Bush People lose Noah Brown as well?

Gabe Brown breaking ground - episode screencap

For Alaskan Bush People fans, there is more concern. What will happen when Noah Brown moves back to Alaska next spring? Noah has been a huge part of the Wolf Pack, as the smartest of the siblings. He is the one who can make sure that things are running properly thanks to his inventions and know-how. He said he wants to make sure he sets everything up to run without him before he leaves, but it will still be a loss.

One thing that fans might want to know is what will happen to Alaskan Bush People after Noah leaves. The other family members will still be in Washington. The show could have camera crews in Washington and Alaska, following both parts of the family in their different lives. There is also the chance Noah could leave the reality TV show completely.

What did you think about Noah Brown’s new home that he found in Alaska on the last episode of Alaskan Bush People? Do you think the show will split focus in the future on the different locations? Or is Gabe Brown right, and this could mark the end of an era? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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