Why Fans Think They’ve Discovered Alyssa Bates’ Baby’s Name

Alyssa Bates - YouTube

Bringing Up Bates fans think they have discovered Alyssa Bates’ baby’s name. She and her husband John Webster are currently expecting their fifth child and first boy. They already have four daughters, Allie Jane, Lexi Mae, Zoey Joy, and Maci Jo. So, what do fans think they will name their baby boy?

Bringing Up Bates stars discuss baby names.

The baby is due to arrive on April 3, and at this point, the Bates couple hasn’t nailed down a name. In a YouTube video from a few years ago, back when they were expecting Maci, they said they liked the name Zane Allen for a boy. But they ended up having another girl and didn’t use Zane.

Alyssa Bates - YouTube

Though Alyssa is having a boy this time, fans have been curious whether they will use Zane or if they’ll go another route. This is because her sister Carlin Bates had a baby boy in March and named him Zade Patrick. Since Zade and Zane are very similar, some fans assumed Alyssa would end up using a different name.

In a new YouTube video, which is a Q&A session with Alyssa’s younger sister Katie Clark, the topic of baby names in such a large family came up. One fan was curious about how they avoid repeating names.

Alyssa admitted that names are repeated sometimes and there will be similarities. Katie chimed in and said that there are only so many names that can be used so they may be repeated at some point.

Alyssa Bates - YouTube

Fans think they know Alyssa Bates’ baby’s name.

On Reddit, fans are discussing this new video and beginning to speculate that Alyssa Bates’ baby’s name could end up being Zane. One fan pointed out, “In the Q and A video both the girls talked about how the same or ‘similar’ names can’t be avoided. They seemed to say it 3-4 times…which made me think she’s heavily considering Zane even though Carlin has a Zade.”

Someone else added, “TBF, Alyssa picked the name Zane for a future son, long before Carlin named hers Zade. IMO Alyssa should name her son whatever she wants to.”

Yet another commented, “She said that they had previously picked Zane for a boy YEARS ago. It’s not her fault Carlin used a similar name while Alyssa was still trying for her boy.”

However, in the video, Alyssa Bates makes it clear she doesn’t have her baby’s name picked out yet. But fans seem to think that Zane isn’t actually off the table. Fans will have to wait and see when Alyssa and John announce their son’s name.

So, do you think that Bringing Up Bates fans have discovered Alyssa Bates’ baby’s name? Or do you think she and John will go another route due to Carlin Bates naming her son Zade? Sound off in the comments section below. And come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Bates family. You can watch the new YouTube video down below.

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