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Victoria Fuller Soft Launches Relationship With New Man

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While fans watch Bachelor in Paradise play out on TV, there’s one thing lingering that there are several questions about. Is Victoria Fuller dating Greg Grippo from The Bachelorette? Or, does she end up with someone on the beach? It seems that now, Victoria is officially soft launching her relationship with Greg, seemingly solidifying her current dating situation.

Warning: Bachelor in Paradise Spoilers Ahead

Victoria and Greg go public

Bachelor in Paradise fans know that Victoria was in a love triangle and has even been a source of some drama this season. However, does any of it mean anything? Since leaving the beach, it has been speculated that Victoria is dating someone that was never on the beach. This may come as a bit of a shock considering she supposedly leaves the beach engaged.

Victoria Fuller | Instagram
Victoria Fuller | Instagram

Now, it seems the is confirming the twist up by soft launching her relationship with Greg Grippo.

Victoria took to her Instagram to share some photos from her weekend. Amongst the deck is one of her and a man holding hands. Who is that man? It seems to be none other than Greg Grippo – the man she is allegedly dating post-paradise.

The photo doesn’t give much away, showing only Victoria’s hand on top of Greg’s. However, it is enough to confirm what everyone was suspecting.

Victoria Fuller | Instagram
Victoria Fuller | Instagram

More answers at the reunion

As previously reported, Greg was actually at the Bachelor in Paradise reunion this year, seemingly supporting his leading lady. Reality Steve shares that Victoria tried to make it work with her Paradise lover for three weeks post-filming. However, ultimately, they couldn’t make things work, even after going to counseling.

“Johnny said he and Victoria were in couples counseling for 3 weeks after filming. Victoria said Johnny called her a stupid c**t and she claimed he told her she didn’t cook or clean so what good was she as a woman.”

After Johnny and Victoria’s conversation was done, none other than Greg ends up joining her. During the reunion, Victoria actually reveals that she and Greg were talking before paradise and she even told Johnny about Greg when they were together.

Of course, it seems now that Victoria is getting more and more comfortable posting about her time with her fellow Bachelor Nation member.

Do you think Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo make a good couple? Let us know in the comments below. Come back for more on all of your favorite Bachelor Nation alum.

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