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Splitting From Kody Brown: Christine & Janelle Spin-Off Coming?

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After their separation from Kody Brown, Christine and Janelle continue to have each other’s back. The duo shares a beautiful friendship that continues even after they drifted apart from the polygamist arrangement. However, this doesn’t mean their story won’t make it to TLC’s cameras anymore. The former Sister Wives might soon have their spinoff series sans Kody and his favorite wife. Keep reading to find out all the details of this spinoff series!

Janelle And Christine’s Spinoff Will Show Life After Polygamy

Christine and Janelle shared a trusting relationship for a long time but their bond grew stronger during COVID after realizing they are better off without Kody. Now, they are teaming up and building their lives away from the Brown family patriarch. As per a source close to the family and TLC, “They’re gearing towards their own show. It would be more about female empowerment like ‘Life After Polygamy’. That’s the direction they’re going in.”

Janelle Brown Sister Wives YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

The source further explained, “They have separate lives from Kody and Robyn and life at home with their kids. They’re trying to build a financial empire together.”

Why Hasn’t Meri Left Kody Brown Yet?

Both Janelle and Christine have already built somewhat of a financial empire by documenting their health journey together while promoting products. They also promote health trips and one-on-one consultations for individuals struggling to lead a healthy lifestyle. As of now, Meri Brown is the only wife left in a spiritual union with Kody and there is no confirmation yet if she will be a part of this spinoff series.

Meri Brown Sister Wives YouTube

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The insider also revealed to The Sun that the only reason Meri hasn’t yet left Kody is because of the contract that she has to fulfill. That is where her paychecks are coming from.

“After Kody neglected Christine and Janelle, they decided to segregate and divide the kids among the family for their own purpose,” they added.

In the previous Sister Wives episode, Kody was seen accusing Christine of turning the kids against him. He said, “She’s running to this person, to this person, to this person, to complain about the relationship.”

Christine Brown TLC Sister Wives YouTube

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With a grim face, he accused Christine stating that she has been playing games for years motivating the kids against him.

Will Kody Brown Bring More Women To His Family?

In a TikTok video posted earlier this week, Christine’s daughter Gwendlyn updated her fans regarding her mother’s journey after separation. An excited Gwen shared, “Absolutely yes [my mom’s happy]. She’s thriving so hard. Her life is so good right now. I’m so proud of her.”

With there being a big chance that Meri might soon leave Kody after Christine and Janelle, fans wonder if Kody will start a polygamous relationship with more new wives. Talking about the possibility, the insider stated, “Kody is so passionate about the polygamy lifestyle that I do foresee him bringing in more wives. His contract relies on living that lifestyle.”

Kody Brown Sister Wives YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Moreover, Robyn wants to be the favorite wife and not the only wife, so she might be all for it if Kody decides to bring new women to the family.

Would you watch the new Janelle and Christine spinoff series? And do you think Kody will bring new women to the family? Share your thoughts in the comments and do not forget to watch Sister Wives every Sunday on TLC!

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  1. Love the idea of a new show with Christine and Janelle. Will not watch sister wives any longer. Can’t stand Cody and that Robin looks like a little snake. Mary looks great. Hope she is able to free herself from Cody soon.

  2. Kody never deserved these Ladies, I say he is getting what he should get!! When what you demand is separation, that’s what you have got! I guess he wanted the ladies to stay ,be content,and help support his and Robin’s dream!Wrong😊…. I love the idea of a show!! I will watch yes!! Good Luck with your new life 🎈🎈As for Kody yes he will want more…

  3. I will not watch the spin off they both need what plural marriage meant when they got married and when things didn’t go the way they wanted they wanted out not the way it works ladies you was cowards for not staying and working harder things in life aren’t always cupcakes and ice cream and I believe Mary will stay and work harder for it and yes I think Cody will get other wives and I will continue to watch the show even with the quilters gone don’t need them as anyway.

  4. I think it’s fine if Christine and Janelle have their own show! I won’t watch it, but I’d rather they have their own show then have them still be on Sister Wives when they are no longer married to him! I also have no desire to watch sister wives anymore after this season for the same reason!

    1. kody shows nothing but distance for meri, christine and jannell. marriage consist more than saying you’re married. what about intimacy, trust, spending time together?

  5. yes I would watch. They will thrive and each day grow and realize they are powerful strong women. I would love it if they each found a man to truly love them as they are and not depend on them to support him and wonder why Kody is treating the children and them so poorly. Him and robin deserve each other. meri needs to run

  6. I can’t wait to watch! These women need to do this with out Cody and Robin! At least they can invest in their future with the kids! Yes I see Cody bringing more women into his family! Some one needs to keep their lifestyles up! I sure hope Meri will get her senses!

  7. I would watch a show with Christine & Janelle (plus kids & grandkids). But not with Meri, she’s to into Kody, Robin & their kids. She also has a “mean girl” type personality that shines thru way to often. I’m sure K&R will add more wives (if anyone is actually interested in being one after watching how they are). Sister Wives needs to be removed from TV in my opinion, it’s promoting abuse!

  8. I’m so glad they both came to their senses and left the jerk. Robin is such a loser and a liar. She says that she wants Mary to hang in there with her! WTF, why would she stay in that situation with someone who doesn’t even want to be with her. Cody has some real serious mental issues. I thought he was just a narcissist but it’s a lot deeper. I will never watch the show ever again.

  9. Most definitely would watch, getting tired of Kody and all his tantrums, he got what he deserves.If it wasn’t for the wives there wouldn’t be a show!

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