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Will Ferrell & Ryan Reynolds Sleep Together In Apple TV’s ‘Spirited’

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If you’ve ever wanted to see Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell in bed together (or in the shower together) Apple TV’s new movie Spirited is one to put on the watch list. What exactly is Spirited and how can you stream it? Keep reading for the details.

Apple TV’s Spirited: How To Watch

Presently, Spirited is an Apple TV exclusive. So, the only way to stream the movie is with an Apple TV subscription. Fortunately, it only costs $6.99/month to subscribe to Apple TV. This price is pretty much what a person would pay (if not more) to rent a new movie from Amazon Video. So, it isn’t an unreasonable price to check out the movie. Unfortunately, it isn’t clear if Apple TV is hanging onto the movie permanently or if it will eventually have a home elsewhere.

Spirited - YouTube - Apple TV
Spirited – YouTube – Apple TV

Apple TV’s Spirited: What Is This Movie About?

Spirited is a musical comedy starring Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds. The plot of the movie is a unique spin on A Christmas Carol. The movie is based on the idea that A Christmas Carol was a true story. The official synopsis for the movie reads: “A musical version of Charles Dickens’ story of a miserly misanthrope who’s taken on a magical journey.”

Check out the official trailer down below:

Will Ferrell plays the role of the Ghost of Christmas Present. And, Ryan Reynolds plays the role of the “perp” Will decides he wants to try to change. The idea behind the movie is that if the “perp” can be inspired to change,

Apple TV’s Spirited: Will Ferrell, Ryan Reynolds Sleep Together

Now, before you get your head too far in the gutter just know this isn’t a dirty movie. Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell, however, do wind up in bed together near the end of the movie. Things, however, do get a little weird when Will’s character invites Ryan’s character to go inside his pajamas while they are in bed together. True to form, Will Ferrell does manage to squeeze a scene into the movie of him showing off his nude body. As those who have ever enjoyed a Will Ferrell movie know, it isn’t a true Will Ferrell comedy if he doesn’t find a way to be nearly nude in at least one scene.


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Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds’ musical comedy Spirited dropped into Apple TV’s streaming library about a week ago. Have you streamed it yet? Let us know what you thought about it in the comments down below. And, keep coming back to TvShowsAce for more streaming news.

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