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Where Was Meri Brown During Christine’s Goodbye Gathering?

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Meri Brown was noticeably missing from saying goodbye to Christine this week. Though she travels a lot in real time, it would seem that she would be contractually obligated to be in Flagstaff. This is a big moment with a sister wife leaving the family. However, she was only seen in flashbacks and in her confessional. So, where was Meri when the family gathered to say goodbye to Christine for good? Read on for all of the details.

Meri Brown Misses Christine’s Goodbye Gathering

This week’s Sister Wives showed Christine packing up her home in Flagstaff. Along with her daughter Mykelti and Janelle’s sons, they got the house ready to go. Then it was realized that no one had prepared anything to say goodbye to Christine or Truely. There would be no party or breakfast which baffled Mykelti, who had come in from Utah with her husband and daughter. So, she called upon the Flagstaff family, per Christine’s request, to gather and say goodbye.

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Of course, it was highly uncomfortable for everyone as no one really wanted to be there. Last week, Christine told Robyn and Meri that she wanted and needed space from them after she moved. To say goodbye, there was a clear divide. On one side stood Robyn, Kody, and their kids. Then, on the other side were Christine, Janelle, and their kids. However, Meri was not there at all. She did not even pop in to check and see if Christine needed anything. So, where was Kody’s first wife?

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As it turns out, Meri just happened to have work to do at her B&B in Parowan, Utah. So, she was out of town at the exact time that Christine was leaving the state. Plus, she added that she probably would not have shown up to say goodbye anyway after their previous conversation. She feels that Christine does not want to see her and that they are not that close. Therefore, why would she come and wish her well?

Will She Greet Her In Utah?

Next week, Christine will make her grand arrival in Utah. That being said, will Meri Brown still be in Parowan and if she is, will she stop by and say “hi” to her former sister wife? This is highly unlikely but it was a nice thought. Meri must return home to Flagstaff as the family has to attempt to rebuild now that they are down a wife.

A few episodes back, Meri made a promise to Kody’s fourth wife, Robyn that she would hold on with her. Together, they would help work on the family; they have no choice. Yet, it seems that Christine might not be their only problem as Kody is seen struggling with Janelle over the decisions she is making.

Should Meri Brown have been there to say goodbye to Christine after all that they have been through? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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