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Kody Brown Begs Janelle To Dump Christine For Him

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Kody Brown is struggling with Janelle and Christine’s friendship. The two have become extremely tight over the years. Christine even noted that her former sister wife is more of a best friend. She was there to check up on Christine after Kody lashed out in last week’s episode of Sister Wives. He alleged that Christine had treated Robyn like dirt for years and just unleashed so much anger. Furthermore, Janelle was there to help pack up the Flagstaff home so Christine and Truely could move to Utah. However, it appears that this allegiance is too much for the father of eighteen.

Kody Brown Begs Janelle To Dump Christine

Now that Christine is getting ready to leave Flagstaff for Utah, he is more than ready for her to be gone. Unfortunately, one person close to him will desperately miss her. His second wife, Janelle is one of Christine’s closest friends. Yet, this relationship might be too close for Kody’s comfort or even his liking. The two women agree that they have bonded over a common experience despite the fact that they have had their problems.

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Admittedly, they have vented about one another to Kody. It had not been perfect all along, and they will not claim that it has. Throughout it all, and after twenty-five-plus years together, they have found a common ground. Christine notes how deep their relationship is but Kody is now bothered by it. Yes, he has always wanted his wives to have close relationships. Then he states that he had to hear all of this trash-talking and Christine snubbing the one-home idea. Now, these two women have this amazing relationship. It blows his mind as he begs Janelle to have a closer relationship.

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In a sense, he wants the type of bond Janelle and Christine have but instead, Janelle is brushing him off. She essentially has chosen Christine which she had done during the pandemic. The women knew it was against Kody’s wishes and still they snuck over to each other’s homes for bonding time. This is something truly unbreakable.

A Wife To Emulate?

In the end, Kody Brown may be the one to lose. Janelle and Christine have remained very close and even are in business together. They travel for work and pleasure, going on adventures with their children. By seeing how fun this independence can be, fans are starting to wonder if Janelle might follow in Christine’s footsteps. She has always been the strong-willed businesswoman of the Brown family so there’s no doubt she can do anything she puts her mind to. Yet she does have her reasons for staying with Kody but many reasons to leave. Will she?

Do you think Janelle should have to choose between Kody Brown and Christine? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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  1. Robin is an evil troop. I’ve been watching this show since the beginning and Robin has ruined several relationships. Has always gotten preferential treatment why a nanny and why can’t we she inside their Meri is stupid bye has been clear he wants nothing to do with her drop his lazy ass

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