Deavan Clegg’s Son Taeyang Rushed To Hospital For Emergency

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90 Day Fiancé star Deavan Clegg recently shared devastating news about her son Taeyang. The 3-year-old is currently in the hospital getting treated after a medical emergency. Back in May 2022, the reality star revealed that the young one received a cancer diagnosis. The 26-year-old shared that Taeyang had b-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia and has undergone multiple procedures. He is currently undergoing chemotherapy needing around-the-clock hospital care. It does not get easier as the days go by.

Deavan Clegg Shares Painful Reality Of Real Life

On Sunday, Deavan took to Instagram and shared a heartbreaking health update about her son alongside his picture from the hospital. The mother of three revealed how she doesn’t normally share such pictures but she wanted fans to know how painful reality/real life is.

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She wrote, “We aren’t rich, we aren’t famous, we are normal people who did a TV show 3 years ago. This is our reality childhood cancer.”

Deavan further revealed details of what landed Taeyang in the hospital.

Deavan Clegg Taeyang 90 Day Fiancé Instagram

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“Last night Taeyang was rushed to the emergency room with a fever of 102. This can be deadly for children going through chemotherapy. While in the ER we found out he needed an emergency blood transfusion which we found shocking. Because he had just had a blood transfusion days prior,” she explained.

Deavan Clegg Reminds Fans To Be Careful During Flu Season

The TLC star further expressed her shock and grief at what would have happened if she didn’t bring him to the hospital in time. She also reminded her fans to be extra careful during the flu season as it might not affect healthy individuals. However, the ones with compromised immunity could land in a life-or-death situation.

Deavan Clegg Taeyang 90 Day Fiancé Instagram

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She updated that Taeyang is currently doing well after the blood transfusion and she wishes he can return home soon.

“They will be keeping him at the hospital for a little longer to watch his vitals. He’s received treatment with antibiotics and his fever is still high but slightly better. We are hoping we can return home soon,” she concluded.

Taeyang Receives An Emergency Blood Transfusion

As revealed earlier by TV Shows Ace, the reality star has started a fundraiser to seek support for her son’s two-year-long treatment.

Deavan Clegg Taeyang 90 Day Fiancé Go Fund Me

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On her 26th birthday, Deavan shared how scary cancer can be, especially for a child so young. She revealed how her birthday turned into a tragic experience. Her son had to get an emergency blood transfusion which was a terrifying experience. Although the day ended positively, four days later now, Taeyang is again in the hospital struggling with the side effects of Flu season on his compromised immunity.

Taeyang YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Here’s to hoping that the precious angel is back to his healthy self soon!

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