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Christine Brown Realizes She Made A Huge Mistake

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Christine Brown has no regrets about leaving Flagstaff for Utah. She also is totally fine with moving to Utah. However, she is admitting that she is realizing now that she made a huge mistake. It involves something that occurred during the big family meeting over the last two episodes. What exactly was it? Read on for more details.

Christine Brown Realizes She Made A Huge Mistake

When Christine called her sister wives and Kody over to her home, she had news to tell them. Not only had the home been sold but she was also moving to Utah within a week. There were a lot of questions but Robyn had one big one. She understood that Christine wanted distance from some of them but what did that mean? Christine explained that, when she was in Utah, she would stay close to Janelle. They had a very special bond that would not be broken.

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However, she did not feel the same closeness with Robyn and Meri. Therefore, she wanted space from both of them once she left. Though she would be back for family reunions, that was the extent of it all. In the latest episode of Sister Wives, Janelle came by Christine’s to check in on her to see how she was doing. The last time they all gathered, Kody had erupted and it was just filled with emotions.

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Admittedly, it had been hard but Christine realized she had made one huge mistake. When Robyn asked about the distance, she finally understood that included the children, as well. Robyn shares five children with Kody and Christine would never want to hurt them in any way. Though she said she needed space from the family, it was never a jab at the children. Unfortunately, Robyn took it that way and this was a big mistake Christine cannot simply take back.

Can It Work?

In real-time, it does not seem that any real effort has been made to get all of the children together. Though Kody claimed that he was going to have a room set up for Truely in Robyn’s home, this never appeared to happen. Despite that, Christine Brown and her children are all thriving in Utah. They are anxiously awaiting the birth of Mykelti Padron’s twin boys who have been speculated to have already arrived.

The last time the family may have all been together was for the wedding of Logan Brown and Michelle Petty. Yet, it is unclear who interacted with who as Kody was seated as an uncast. Only time will tell if the children will choose to create their connections or if they will fall by the wayside.

Do you think Christine Brown has an obligation to Robyn’s children or should she just forgive herself and move on? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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