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Candace Cameron Bure Had ‘Difficult Year’ On Top Of Backlash

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Candace Cameron Bure had a “difficult year” on top of the backlash she’s received. The Fuller House alum spoke out about her faith once again. She’s been leaning on it to get her through these tough times. The actress feels grateful for her friends and family.

This past week, Candace faced backlash for comments she made about her religious beliefs. Earlier this week, she spoke to The Wall Street Journal about her move to GAC Family. The former child star shared that she wants to keep “traditional marriage at the core” of their movies. Candace accepted an executive role with the network, in which she will oversee most of the content.

Candace Cameron Bure [Entertainment Tonight | YouTube]
[Entertainment Tonight | YouTube]

Candace Cameron Bure leans on her friends

In a new interview with Fox News Digital, Candace Cameron Bure talked about her “difficult year.” She went through “a lot of loss this year,” including the shocking death of comedian Bob Saget. The beloved actor died in January at the age of 65 after hitting his head following a stand-up gig in Florida.

His Full House family is stealing mourning his death. It’s sent shock waves in the entertainment industry, including his fellow comedian friends. Bob was best known for his role as Danny Tanner on the ’90s ABC sitcom. He later reprised his role on the Netflix reboot series Fuller House.

Candace Cameron Bure [Entertainment Tonight | YouTube]
[Entertainment Tonight | YouTube]
“I’ve had a very difficult year on a personal level, which has really shown me who my true friends are,” Candace Cameron Bure told Fox News Digital. “From the loss of Bob this year. It felt like a lot of loss this year. When you have those friends that are there and show up; I’m grateful. I’m so grateful to my friends, my true friends, and my family, of course.”

Candace also mentioned that she had a fire in her office. Some of her friends have also dealt with their own health struggles. She expressed gratitude for her own “health and my family’s health.” The GAC Family star is also thankful for “true friendship.”

How she remains connected to her faith

Candace Cameron Bure also spoke out about her faith. It’s what helped her get through the year. Candace says it’s “the core and foundation of who I am.” The actress shared that she doesn’t “verbally acknowledge” it but it’s “in all that I do.”

She is thankful for “God’s protection and love.” Candace Cameron Bure also shared the details of her first move with the Great American Family called A Christmas Present. Its story is about focusing on the things and people who matter the most. She had no idea that her career would someday involve starring in Christmas movies, but she loves it.

What are your thoughts on Candace Cameron Bure sharing her “difficult year” on top of the backlash she’s received? Do you plan to watch her new Christmas movie on GAC Family? Sound off below in the comment section.

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