Kody Brown and Christine Brown from Sister Wives, TLC

‘Sister Wives’ Kody Brown Slams Christine’s Family Goodbye Party

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Kody Brown is nearly at the end of his rope onscreen right now. During last week’s episode, fans watched him completely unload on Christine and deliver his “knife in the kidneys” speech. In this weekend’s episode, it seems that the family will finally say goodbye to Christine as she prepares to move back to Utah.

Many members of the Brown family are really close with Christine and want to give her a proper send-off. However, that idea doesn’t sit well with Kody. In fact, he believes giving her a goodbye party is completely “demeaning.”

Kody Brown is personally offended by Christine’s farewell party

Sister Wives fans stopped like Kody many years ago. But this season, fans are really seeing an unfavorable side of him. At this point, the most gracious thing he could do would be to let Christine leave in peace. But he just can’t bring himself to do that.

Kody Brown from Sister Wives, TLC
Kody Brown/TLC

PEOPLE recently released a teaser of this week’s episode. Christine is having a goodbye party, but Kody can’t stand the thought of celebrating her departure.

“There is such a strike to all my feelings and all the work that I’ve done for our family to come here to sort of have this family gathering and say goodbye that is way off course for me. Way off the charts,” the family patriarch says in his talking head. “It’s not even right. It feels so demeaning.”

Of course, Redditors had something to say about the situation.

Christine Brown from Sister Wives, TLC
Christine Brown/TLC

“Yeah it was demeaning…..to Christine,” one Redditor pointed out online. “She’s putting the family’s need for closure above her own need not to be subjected to more of your bullshit Kody but, sure she never does anything ‘for the family’ 🙄”

“How does he think he’ll coparent with her if he can’t suck it up and behave like an adult. He is useless,” another added.

Most of Christine and Kody’s children are adults, but they will supposedly share custody of Truely until she becomes an adult. Right now, she’s only in 7th grade.

What do you think about Kody’s latest outburst? Leave your ideas in the comments below.

Christine is living her best life as a single mom

Now that Christine Brown is finally free from Kody’s clutches, she’s living a much happier life. Fans even thought she might have thrown some shade at Robyn over on TikTok recently. Now that she’s not part of the family, she doesn’t really have to play nicely with them.

She’s confirmed that she is casually dating, but doesn’t have an interest in a long-term relationship right now.

Sister Wives will be back on TLC with a brand new episode this Sunday night on TLC at 10 PM eastern time. Tune in and see what happens next with the Browns.

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  1. most women i know want the male they marry to be a true man and not a spoiled self centered brat. personally i think kody and robyn are both brats and deserve each other. i’m proud christine has chosen not to waste the rest of her life and stay with the little boy brat and be miserable. i hope janelle will do the same and maybe meri.

  2. Has anyone besides me, a bi-sexual, ever wondered if Meri is actually gay? I would love to watch and see that play out!!!!! After Janelle, who also has self-esteem leave Koty too. Christine left Koty because she has self-esteem, Meri stays because she doesn’t….

    🎶🎶 Robin & Koty sitting in a tree, K I S S I N G. 🎶 First came Meri, then came Janelle. Christine and Robin came next. Such a big pill to swallow. 🎶 Meri ate a catfish, a few kids came out. Off blew the top off the K I S S I NG tree. Christine flew the coop, Janelle soon to follow. Koty hides Meri, Robin cries in sorrow. Kids saw it coming, Koty’s not very mello. He’s soon on the hunt, such a cheeky fellow. 🎶 🎶

  3. I do think it’s great that Christine is moving on and not wasting anymore time with Cody he is a little wimpy brat but I dont think its fair that Robin gets a bad rap because of Cody she is sweet and just wants everyone to get along she dont really want him there stuck up her but all the time thats why she chose polygamy

  4. Kody is just mad because someone left him instead of the other way around. the way he works is of he’s finished with you he takes other wife. Meri is just a fool. you can’t believe he will come back and things will be the same. he doesn’t love you

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