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‘Sister Wives’ Kody Brown Blames Christine For ‘Poisoning’ Kids

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Kody Brown has felt that his dissension with the kids is from Christine. In the last episode, he called out his ex-wife for pitting the kids against him. However, she alleged it was the pandemic that really caused a big split between the kids and Kody. As the time winds down for Christine to exit Flagstaff, Kody’s feelings of bitterness cannot seem to fade. He still blames his former third wife for ‘poisoning’ the children against him. Did she really do such a thing? Read on for more details.

Kody Brown Blames Christine For ‘Poisoning’ Kids

There has been no accountability from Kody whatsoever in this split. He singlehandedly believes that Christine has poisoned their children’s minds. Kody alleges that she reached out to his daughter with Janelle, Maddie to discuss how she wanted to leave him prior to doing so. Fans were furious as to how he threw his own child under the bus. Yet, Christine maintains that Kody has long been absent from her household. More so, he created a divide with his children when he developed his stringent pandemic protocols.

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A clip from Sunday’s episode from People shows the family saying goodbye to Christine. In it, Kody says he never wants to see her again. Fans took to Reddit to express how they felt about Kody and his behavior. It is clear the viewers know Kody was the one who hurt the kids, not Christine. Therefore, they pointed it out. “After watching this sneak peek…I PRAY that Kody’s children with Christine NEVER SEE, TALK OR THINK ABOUT THIS NUTJOB AGAIN! Your children ARE GOING TO WATCH AND HEAR YOU SAY YOU NEVER LOVED HER AND WERE JUST GOING THROUGH THE MOTIONS. STFU!” one noted.

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Another added: “It blows my mind how he can sit there and go on & on about how Christine isn’t about the family…. Look in the mirror asswipe! She has spoken about reunions and Christmas and he goes on & on about never wanting to see her again; all because his ego took a hit. Oh poor Kody, you didn’t get to call the shots on that relationship being over… cry me a river! He’s just upset because she’s not willing to sit there and contribute to “the family” and be miserable and unloved any longer.”

The Kids Showed Up

Fans loved seeing Janelle’s son Gabriel there for Christine. His genuine connection with her made everyone so happy. They also felt that Robyn and her children were unnecessary additions. At one point, viewers noticed Truely and Ariella getting close but Ari running the other way as she saw her mother’s face. Mykelti was even there to help her mother but she is about the whole family, not picking a side. As for her husband, Tony, he always brings comic relief against Kody. In the end, it is clear that the children could see, on their own, that Kody Brown made his own bed. Christine did what was best for herself and her children after sacrificing for a very long time.

Do you think Christine really poisoned the kids or is Kody just trying to make himself feel better? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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