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‘Sister Wives’ Brown Family Severed Forever, Kody Walks Out

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Most Sister Wives fans agree that Season 17 has been more chaotic than previous seasons. Christine has decided she’s had enough of Kody Brown’s bad behavior and just wants to move on with her life. But when a person is part of a polygamist family, that’s a little easier said than done.

This week, fans will get a chance to watch Christine say goodbye to the rest of the family during the new episode of Sister Wives. But in true Kody Brown fashion, it’s not going to happen without a little bit of drama and pushback.

Sister Wives Season 17 explores Christine’s departure and Kody’s tantrums

The time has come for Christine to say goodbye to the rest of the family. Her marriage to Kody is officially over. Now, she just wants to start over as a single mother in Utah, surrounded by her family. Several of her adult children live in Utah and she knows it would be a good place to raise Truely.

Janelle and many of the kids are happy for Christine, but of course Kody has to throw a wrench into the plans. He said that throwing a goodbye party for his ex-wife would be completely demeaning.

Kody Brown from Sister Wives, TLC
Kody Brown/TLC

TLC recently uploaded a new teaser for this week’s upcoming episode. In the clip, the lines have been drawn. Christine is leaving and saying goodbye to the family. She and Janelle stand with their children on one side of the line, while Kody and Robyn are on the other. The situation is completely awkward. Christine even admits in a talking head that no one really wanted to be there and the entire situation was very uncomfortable.

Christine Brown from Sister Wives, TLC
Christine Brown/TLC

But instead of being civil with his ex, Kody Brown says that he’s leaving. The clip doesn’t reveal much, but it appears that he actually storms out. Based on Kody’s behavior during the entire divorce, fans aren’t entirely surprised.

Fans will get to see how it all plays out in the new episode on Sunday night.

Christine isn’t going to leave the show anytime soon

Although Christine is no longer part of the Brown family, she’s determined to stick with the show.

“I made a promise to Kody and everybody else that I will stay with Sister Wives as long as we have the show just to be fair,” she confessed to Entertainment Tonight. “It’s what our family’s been doing for so long.”

She even confirmed online that the camera crews were recently at her house in Utah to film new episodes.

The next episode of Sister Wives Season 17 will air on TLC this Sunday night at 10 PM eastern time. Don’t forget to tune in and see what’s coming up next. You really won’t want to miss out!

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      1. Folks he’s sickening. That hair he has is so ugly. Robin is so artificial. They deserve each other. Mary needs to tell them all to pound sand. Christine is very attractive and she has backbone. He makes such a difference in his kids. He only cares about Robin and her kids. So the other two are going to be alone. He only has need for them when money is involved. Wake up Mary and Jenell he is no catch . I be casting my reel on a real Man.

        1. when he said he was repulsed about one of the wives weight did it for me and I think it did it for the other ladies he’s nothing to look at and I don’t know why in God’s creation that they have lowered their standards to be with such a controlling individual

      2. Exactly. Kody is controlling, narcissist, suffered from a God complex and if his “harem” dorsnotobey the “Lord” and kowtow to his every whim, he is indignant. I am tired of this tiny minded man child throwing tantrums and what he has done to his 18 children to boot. He doesn’t know how to have a mature healthy relationship, even with himself

      3. I just watched the one they are saying goodbye to Christine. Myketi was way more an adult about all of this especially Kody. He acts like a child who doesn’t do any wrong. Meri is so mad why? She should have left his sorry ass as well.

    1. Hope all the women leave him behind. He is the most selfish narcissistic male I’ve seen. Mary, he’s rubbing your face in it…be done with him! Robyn, your almost as bad with the drama as Kody…you deserve him!

      1. You were so true in the beginning I thought he was a really great person and then the narcissism started shining through I am disgusted with the way he treats his whole family minus Robin because she seems to have a free pass on everything I’m not saying that she’s a bad person but I don’t think she really knew what she was getting into. And yes Mary if you were to see the video snaps of what he says about you you should run and be happy and find companionship because you deserve somebody to love you to physically show you that they love you! You gave up your marriage to help a woman get her children so they would be safe and truly you got screwed in the whole thing I’m so sorry these things are happening and Cody if you are reading any of this maybe you need to go get some counselling for yourself take a look in the mirror because you affect everybody in a very negative way !

        1. I agree with everything , he started out being a good guy but soon changed when Robin showed up. Mary run as fast as you can you deserve more than you are getting , Janelle you know what you want to do you can always get land on your own because that is all Cody has offered you . Robin good luck you are going to need it. He is your other child.

      2. I think they all should leave him.H e doesn’t love Meri and has told her so. Him and Jannille are fighting cause she moved out to the prosperity without talking to them first. The only one that is getting along with him is Robin, I would be kicking him to the curb

      3. Kody only moved to Coyote Pass so Dayton can attend college. The hell with everyone else. what Robyn wants, Robyn gets for her kids at the expense of everyone else. She must really know how to get Kody purring. For Robyn and David Jessops kids,’ Kody would make his family homeless if she batted her eyelashes hard enough.

  1. Yes Mari and Janelle u guys have any hope for happiness u have to leave Kody he is a narcissist
    Very rude ignorant human being.Kody and Robyn belong together.Walk away
    Mari and Janelle PLEASE🙏🙏🙏

  2. I watched this show since the beginning….the first three wives should walk…… I have a question… does anyone remember the Davy and Goliath cartoon…whenever I look at Robyn she reminds me of Sally from that cartoon….something about her eyebrows and the shape of her face…she deserves Koty

    1. You are so right about Robin’s EYEBROWS. !!! Her mirror must be cracked or she needs a new makeup artist. Yeowers!

      1. Yes! Those eyebrows look like Groucho Marks! She’s such a fake with her crocodile tears. Mary needs somebody to give her a push and get outta there like Christine but no she stays and makes herself look foolish! He care for nobody but Robin! Wake up you other two! He’s pathetic!

      2. Jaja jaja jaja! LMAO “her mirror must be cracked.” Indeed! I’ve been wondering about her eyebrows for years. She and Meri need lessons from a good makeup artist because the way they’re doing their makeup is totally harsh and adds years to their face.

  3. He has 4 ‘wives’ but only pays attention to one, what does he expect. Duh. When enough is enough, you gotta do what’s right for you and not some narcissist drama Queen that got stabbed in the kidneys 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

  4. I think it’s more thank privacy they are trying to keep .It’s more like they have a secret in that house they don’t want out . And Cody use this COVIt as excuse and a weapon.
    When he wants his way he whip out that COVIt card .He can’t go to he daughter surgery.he can’t come over .But he can travel cross country to do a wedding with people he never see.im sorry he’s a ass .I could go on and on like wash down the groceries and the Nanny god only knows we’re she been but she comes and goes as she please .but his son’s he want to be kicked to the curb.he is up set because Christine beat him to the punch.good for her .you go girl

  5. He needs to refresh his self he has done nothing for the family but make babies. He’s selfish and very immature if I were Christine I would of never had him talk to me that way she owes him nothing “knife in the kidney “ . He needs to be a man !!!

  6. Robin and Kody belong together, she is a whiner and he is a complainer. He thinks the world revolves around
    them. Great that Christine moved on, not sure why Mari is hanging on, how mean and nasty does kody need to
    get with her before she says enough. hope Janelle is moving on. good luck ladies

  7. happy for Christine so happy that her and Janelle stayed close and friends as for fit throwing Cody…he’s just mad that Christine beat him in kicking him to the curb and divorcing him and moving on to a way better happier life without him and I use to feel sorry for Mary but she likes to be walked all over by Cody and Robin cause if she didn’t she would of done the smart thing like Christine and dumped his sorry ass a very long time ago..but these are my thoughts and opinions…and now I’m just waiting for Janelle to get going and leave the jerk too 🤔🤔🤭🙂

    1. Robins eyebrows are hideous, Cody needs to grow up, Mary and Janelle need to walk. Robin and Cody are true drama queens. Cody needs counseling to make amends with his children and be a real farther. Cody should treat all the wives equally. It is not what they can do for him, but what do for them. He has acted like a real horses ass.

  8. Merri did not like Christine and Janelle. he encouraged kody to Mary Robin. she is getting taste of her own medicine. kody doesn’t want medicine why is she stil hanging on

  9. I think the whole thing is just a big money grabber. the amounts of money that they were probably paid for these episodes is more than they’ve ever seen in a lifetime. also don’t feel too sorry for the wives because anybody who thinks that they can live a life with one husband and four wives is dreaming.
    and to think they’re still collecting money for this crazy created drama.

  10. Robins eyebrows are hideous, Cody needs to grow up, Mary and Janelle need to walk. Robin and Cody are true drama queens. Cody needs counseling to make amends with his children and be a real farther. Cody should treat all the wives equally. It is not what they can do for him, but what do for them. He has acted like a real horses ass.

  11. One of the funniest lines from the beginning that Kody uttered is “Love should be multiplied not divided.” Kody divided his time and in the end alienated everyone. A lesson to be learned about polygamy. It was obvious when they first showed Kodys Lexus sports car and his wives were all driving mini-vans. In the end the kids pay the biggest price. How sad for them. They did not choose their parents lifestyle.

  12. No complaints from me. That asshole cracks me up when he has his tantrums. I look forward to my laughs every Sunday. Thanks for being such a dick Cody.

    Mary needs to leave and find a man.
    Janelle is awesome. She’s fine where she is because she does her own thing anyway.
    What in the hell did Robin do to her eyebrows?

  13. First, they all have issues and all of them believed in and wanted to marry this man and have sister wives! How is that Kody’s fault? It’s hard to look at the whole picture as a Morman fundamentalist when we aren’t that and don’t believe in it. Christine has left the whole family and has taken her and Kodys minor child and moving to Utah, which wouldn’t happen if they were legally married! She believed in polygamy for 30 years and believed she was married but now she uses it against Kody when it suits her, unfair in my opinion. As far as people making negative comments about Kody and Robyn’s appearance, I find it immature and has nothing to do with what is going on! Lastly, Christine gets to stay on the show and benefit financially?! I see no place for her now and really think the show should be discontinued for many reasons.

    1. You feel bad for Kody. Christine has done the right thing. And Truely isn’t only Kody’s child. If he cared at all about that little girl he wouldn’t have used COVID as an excuse to stay away from her. Christine has been saying for years how unhappy she has been. Evidently you must believe in staying with someone even though they don’t love you. That is very sad. I really hope Janelle follows suit. As for Meri, Kody made it very clear he has no feelings for her and she is making a fool of herself all so she doesn’t hurt Mariah’s feelings.

  14. He wanted Christine to join and fix his family. Kody stated she was all about the family not the man, and he had to work to love her and he’s shocked that she finally knows her worth. Meri, is sad because she just hangs on without any hope, he’s basically told her move on, I don’t care. Janelle I love, she’s strong and doesn’t allow him to dictate her life or choices. She’s left him before and I have no doubt she will again. As for Robyn, she’ll never leave. She has it so good, and though she whines about it.

  15. This bait & switch behavior Kody exhibited is not what any of the 3 out of 4 of these ladies signed up for. Staying in a loveless marriage does no favors to the women or children. He used Christine for prestige in Mormon Fundamentalist community & publicly admitting to that. That to me is like stolen valor. Feeling sorry for Kody. Pfffft….NOT!

  16. Can someone tell me why Meri is still lurking, Kody has said he wants no relationship with her, and she needs to go stay at her B&B. How much clearer does he need to be? Plus she made a statement saying Christine was no longer a sister wife, when she hasn’t been for quite some time. I mean where’s her dignity, self esteem, get a life!

  17. kody loves Robin more because she does what that master wants.the other wives are nothing too him.but a paycheck.He doesn’t even have sex with them.dont give a f.ck about any of the kids only himself….any way?? what does he do for a living???

  18. Christine I’am proud of you for getting out of the relationship and starting a new life Janelle you need to do the same thing I would get a lawyer to find out where your part of your money is Meri you need to wake up and smell the coffee Kody doesn’t want you Robyn I wouldn’t trust her at all I think she is very sneaky and what did she and Kody do with all the money Kody needs to grow up j

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