Jeffrey Dahmer’s Dad Horrifies Dr. Phil With Revelations

Jeffrey Dahmer’s dad was talking to Dr. Phil about his son this week for a three-day special. However, while Dr. Phil was asking Lionel Dahmer questions about his son, things got horrifying. Dahmer said that he missed several red flags from his son, as Dr. Phil looked on in horror.

Here is a look at what Dahmer said, and the reaction to those comments from the victims’ families.

Jeffrey Dahmer’s dad talks about missed red flags


During Dr. Phil’s three-day special about Jeffrey Dahmer, he spoke to the victims’ families and other survivors. However, he also spoke to Lionel Dahmer, the father of the serial killer. Phil asked him if there was anything that Jeffrey did when he was young that could have foreshadowed the future murders. Lionel looked back and said there was something.

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According to Lionel, when Jeffrey Dahmer was a child, he would find dead animal carcasses on the side of the road. Jeffrey was between 11 and 14 when he did this, and he would collect the dead animals and bring them back home in garbage bags. According to Lionel, this included everything from foxes to dogs. However, he didn’t know what Jeffrey was doing with them until years later.

At Dahmer’s trial, the revelation came that he would “explore” the dead animals. He would even put his hands up inside their bodies. While Lionel didn’t know what he was doing with the animals, he said the fact Jeffrey kept them was a possible red flag. However, Lionel then shockingly said he didn’t think too much about it because he had friends who did the same thing.

Dahmer’s survivors believe Lionel knew more than he claims

While talking to Jeffrey Dahmer’s survivors later in the show, they all seemed incredulous that Lionel didn’t think anything of it. When Dr. Phil mentioned he said he had friends who did it, he insinuated Lionel meant putting their hands into dead animals’ bodies. However, it was clear from Lionel’s words that he didn’t know about that part and was saying he had friends who also picked up and took home dead animals.

However, this was still a disturbing comment, and it was definitely a red flag that he missed. One survivor said that he didn’t believe that Lionel was oblivious to his son’s evil ways. Preston Davis, who said he once saw Jeffrey Dahmer covered in blood after a night out, called Lionel’s comments “BS.” According to Davis, you are part of the solution, or you are part of the problem. Most of the survivors with Dr. Phil agreed Lionel was part of the problem.

What are your thoughts about the red flags that Jeffrey Dahmer’s dad missed? Do you believe him or was he covering up for his son? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Jeff was not a child, he was a pre-teen. His Dad knew he was bringing home bags and
    hiding them. After more bag, I would have been investigating. His Dad looks as if his son has done nothing wrong. The most annoying thing for me was when the Mom interrupted you and said he should be called Jeffrey, that is what they named him and preferred.. Did they show any remorse , not in the least.

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