Whitney Way Thore Shares Rare ‘Skinny’ Footage Of Herself

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Whitney Way Thore doesn’t share many posts from her “skinny” days. Many fans of My Big Fat Fabulous Life have taken to criticizing her more recently, saying that she’s put on more weight again and that she is unhealthy. However, she took to Instagram today to share a glimpse at a skinnier Whitney Way Thore. Scroll to see the clip she shared with followers.

Whitney Remembers Life-Long Friendships

Over the last couple of days, Whitney has been paying tribute to her good friends on Instagram. Yesterday, she posted a throwback photo of herself alongside her longtime friend, Heather. Many fans of MBFFL know Heather from the show. She shared a birthday message for her friend with the photo on Insta.

Whitney Way Thore alongside her friend, Heather, in a throwback photo - Whitney Way Thore's Instagram

Credit: Instagram/Whitney Way Thore

The two women have been friends for more than 20 years. According to Whitney, not much has changed in that span of time. However, the clip she shared today showed fans that Whitney has changed plenty in that time.

A Look At A Skinnier Whitney Way Thore

On Thursday, Whitney Way Thore shared a video clip of herself on Instagram. In the caption, she provided her followers with some details about the clip and what she’s been reflecting on.

The caption read, “I was looking for some video that I had digitized and ran across this, filmed with an actual camcorder 😂 22 years ago when I was 16. At this time, I was friends with @rtalfish, @thebuddybell and @singkorswim, but wouldn’t meet @ashdanbay or @isntsheheather until the next year. This really puts into perspective how long we’ve all been friends!”

While the video she shared did not have any sound, you can see that she is speaking to the person holding the camcorder. A much younger, much thinner Whitney Way Thore jumps onto the bed in the frame and folds her legs underneath her.

She says a few things to the camera, muted by Instagram, and the cameraperson zooms in on her chest. Whitney notices and covers up, appearing to laugh about it. The bottom of the video indicates that it was taken in December 2000, 22 years ago.

Many of her fans took to the comments to tell her how pretty she looked. Others commented on the length of her friendships and how lucky she is.

Skinnier Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Healthier

While she looked much skinnier, it is well-known that Whitney Way Thore struggled with eating disorders, as well as anxiety, as a teenager. Moving into adulthood, she’s also had trouble maintaining healthy eating habits.

In 2012, she lost 100 pounds in eight months. Even though the weight loss was needed, the way she went about it was extremely unhealthy. Right now, Whitney hasn’t made any huge progress where her weight is concerned. She has been struggling with PCOS and, of course, was impacted by the pandemic like everyone else.

Right now, there is no news about Season 11 of My Big Fat Fabulous Life but, in the meantime, you can watch reruns of previous seasons on TLC or find it to stream on your favorite platform.

What do you think of Whitney’s skinny throwback posts? Let us know in the comments!

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