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‘The View’ Joy Behar Asks Guest Shocking Question About Weight

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Some fans of The View were shocked by some of the comments made by Joy Behar during Tuesday’s episode. Grammy-nominated recording artist Fat Joe appeared to discuss his new book. However, Joy had one question on her mind, and it had nothing to do with his book. Continue reading to see why her question raised eyebrows.

Joy Behar’s Weight Loss Journey

Joy Behar has lost a significant amount of weight herself. At the beginning of September, when Season 26 of The View kicked off, Behar received many compliments and recognition for shedding pounds.

Her co-host, Whoopi Goldberg let her know how “amazing” she looked. The rest of the panel nodded in agreement. All Joy had to say about the matter is that she had “lost some weight.”

Just last week, fellow host Ana Navarro made a comment about Joy’s weight as they looked at a throwback photo side-by-side with a photo of her today. Joy proudly stated that she was able to wear the same outfit she wore in 2004, though she’s swapped her strappy heels out for something more sensible.


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“My God, if you keep losing weight you’re going to be in Pampers,” Navarro said of Joy’s weight loss. This comment seemed backhanded to many fans, but Joy has not shied away from fat-shaming and discussing other people’s weight.

The View Fans Surprised By Joy’s ‘Fat’ Comment

On Tuesday’s episode, the hosts of The View sat down to talk with the rapper Fat Joe, whose name is actually Joseph Antonio Cartagena. He appeared on the daily talk show to discuss his new book, The Book of Jose: A Memoir. 

It seemed that Joy had a specific question that was at the top of her list to ask. She jumped at the opportunity to ask it as soon as the discussion started. “Fat Joe, You’re not so fat. What is that? Fat Joe,” she asked the Grammy-nominated star.

Fat Joe discussing his new book on 'The View' - YouTube/The View

Credit: YouTube/The View

Fat Joe laughed nervously saying, “I’m trying to stay alive, Joy, is what’s going on with that.” To which Joy simply replied, “Yeah.” There was clearly some awkward tension at the table and she quickly moved on to the next question.

At the beginning of his career, Joe was extremely overweight. At one point, he tipped the scales at 460 pounds. Now, he’s made some serious changes in his life and shows no signs of going back.

Fat Joe’s memoir, The Book of Jose: A Memoir, was released on November 15.

What do you think of Joy’s comments about Joe’s weight on The View? Sound off in the comments!

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