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‘Sister Wives’ Kody Brown Not Only One Who Disliked Tony Padron

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Sister Wives fans have been slowly watching the plural family fall apart for 17 seasons. Over the years, viewers watched the family expand and change in various ways. One of the more memorable moments on the show and for the family has been watching Mykelti grow up.

Recently, fans took to Reddit to discuss when Mykelti’s husband first came into the picture. Much of the time, Kody Brown is shamed for not liking Tony Padron when he was introduced to the family. However, one fan pointed out he wasn’t the only one that wasn’t happy with the situation.

Kody Wasn’t The Only One Who Didn’t Like Tony

One fan of Sister Wives took to Reddit to discuss when Tony Padron entered the show. They titled the post “probably unpopular,” but most people agreed. Kody Brown was not the only one who was against Mykelti and Tony’s relationship in the beginning.

The poster wrote, “I’m rewatching. And when Tony enters the picture, Christine is even more vocal than Kody against him. Janelle is too.” They went on to say that, around the same time, Maddie was engaged to be married to Caleb.

Some fans theorized that Christine and Janelle, who spoke up against Tony, felt that Mykelti was too immature to make a big decision about getting married or starting a serious relationship. They also felt that Mykelti and Tony hadn’t been dating for very long. Others believed that the family wanted the attention to be on Maddie for her upcoming big day.

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“Pretty much every adult in the family all agreed Mykelti was immature, flighty and often followed the other girls,” one person offered during the discussion. It wasn’t only Kody who was against it, though he was the one that took the bulk of the blame.

In the end, Tony and Mykelti got married, despite the negative comments from her family. “I felt Tony was all about Makelti and getting married when she wanted to and I’m glad they made it work,” the OP concluded.

Sister Wives Fans Talk About Janelle And Christine’s Growth

At one point during the discussion on Reddit, fans touched on the reason that Christine and Janelle have become Sister Wives fan favorites. For many people, it has been nice to watch the two women grow throughout the last 17 seasons. Both of them have evolved and matured into different people.


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While this is true of Janelle and Christine. Fans also couldn’t help but mention that the same growth did not happen for Kody. In fact, he seemed to become less mature throughout the series. Of course, fans love to hate Robyn Brown and are still confused about why Meri Brown even stays.

What do you think about how the family and the relationships on Sister Wives have evolved over the years? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. I also believe that Christina, and Jenelle, have evolved and I just think they are precious and I’m so happy for them, also kody is a narcissistic person, and he is all great when everyone is bowing to him, but as soon as he’s? or disobeyed, or the sister wife’s speak up or have a thought of there on, he turns into a 2 yr old and throws a tantrum, and for mary( sorry not spelled right), that she stays because she still is really at heart loves kody, and in her mind she feels ( I think) that her love keeps here there, I don’t think she like Robyn either, but does all she can to keep thinks on the low level because she’d rather have a little of Kody then non, and I believe she is still hurt for Kody divorce her to legally marry Robyn and her kids, it’s just heartbroken,

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