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‘Sister Wives’ Christine Brown Backhands Robyn With Epic Shade?

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Sister Wives fans already know that Robyn and Christine Brown don’t really see eye to eye. A lot of the drama began when Robyn came into the family while Christine was nine months pregnant with Truely. The women have tried their best to get along over the years, but at this point it’s clear they don’t have any real hope of repairing their relationship.

Season 17 is about a year and a half behind real events, so there’s still a lot that fans haven’t seen yet. However, it seems like Christine just threw some major shade at Robyn over on her TikTok channel.

Redditors spot Christine Brown throwing shade at a former sister wife

Many Sister Wives fans have found fault with Robyn for one reason or another. For example, she more or less sabotaged Meri’s dreams to further her education. But now, a few fans have spotted some subtle shade that Christine seemed to toss out on social media.

Christine Brown from Instagram
Christine Brown/Instagram

“Apparently cereal can be a snack OR a meal. I feel like Christine is throwing shade 🤣,” the original Redditor wrote online. They shared a screenshot of the TLC star devouring a bowl of cereal on TikTok.

Christine Brown from TikTok
Christine Brown/TikTok

A lot of the other users were confused about the situation, but a few Redditors stepped up to clarify the situation.

“It’s shade (I think) because once Robyn had some of the kids and told them to get a snack and Mykelti (I think it was Mykelti) got out cereal and Robyn said, ‘Mykelti, a snack not a MEAL!!’. Food shaming. I think that is what this is about,” one added. Another user corrected them and said it was Ysabel, not Mykelti. Robyn then proceeded to pour some of the cereal back in the box.

“and there was a sign on a fridge in Vegas at Robyn’s that said do not get any food out of here without speaking to Robyn or the Nanny!” another user pointed out. “Then of course what you were talking about back in Lehi her bragging about best snacks but then when the kids eat it she yells at them for it. Then moments later it is Aurora eating a bowl of cereal and that was okay.”

What do you think about the situation? Was Christine throwing shade or just having some fun? Leave your ideas in the comments below.

The TLC star confirms her future with the network

Many Sister Wives fans were worried Christine would exit the show once she and Kody split. But it seems that’s not the case after all. Christine confirmed that TLC was filming at her home in Utah. In other words, Christine will still be around as long as Sister Wives lasts on TLC.

Stay tuned for more information on the Browns and your other favorite reality TV stars.

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    1. Goes on n on n on to much bull crap Kody thinks he’s such a martter. He’s just pig! I can’t believe Meri sticks around after he treats her like crap too. Kody only really wants Robin its only ovious. How everythings is about Robin n her kids.

      1. This group is so full of drama. WTH these women think they have a prize😅 Please he lives off their Food stamps. I live in Vegas was at Costco seen him, Robin and her kids and 3 big baskets full of food. Who paid she did of course. He is a lop and they are insecure. All of them need mental counseling even the kids.

  1. I absolutely love Sister Wives. I am so gutted that I can only get to watch it once a week now in the UK. It was my daily one hour guilty pleasure . 😣

    1. Don’t nobody care what Robin thinks she is brain dead by Cody Cody is nothing but a dog he’s not a man when his daughter was having surgery he was worried about covid not her health or her well-being He’s a bully and they are stupid for taking the b******* plural marriage that’s funny he couldn’t handle one so he had to go get three more which made it four Christine is better off without him she can make her own decisions and take care of her girls you don’t need a man to complete you cuz he’s not a man.

      1. He is really only married legally to Robyn as far as I know and the show has said. He divorced Meri so that he could marry Robyn and adopt her children. My thoughts about plural marriage is that he just wanted to have sex with different women. In doing so,he has multiple women. Looks like Janelle is about to give up as well. I think Meri should go focus on her bed and bath and all of them leave him with his preciius wife Robyn and then see how long the show stays on the air without the other three to support it. That is why Robyn wants Christine to stay so bad…so the show would survive hence paying Robyn’s bills. Just my thoughts. I have many more but cannot express on media.

  2. Who cares . They should just cancel the show and do a new one about lufe after polygamy with Janelle and Christine. Robin really messed up that family. She needs to get a job and sapport her own family and not rely on the other women.

  3. Kody is such sissy! He wants to be a sister wife! prancing and waving his hair. No he and Robin are not smarter than Christine.How gross going from bedto bed. yucky all the germs! Do they know how stupid they look?and he hates all his kids and breaking the law? tell him I said all that!

    1. I’mnot a huge fan of Tobin but as far as the show says she has worked very hard with Sister Wives closet and other ventures. I think she still has her own jewelry line. She came into a family she thought wanted her. Kody is the villain in that picture. He took advantage of a younger woman coming off a painful divorce. And he didnt make a pre agreement with his then current wives. THEY WERE ALL USED. Also kody has just been a serial single wife man. He quit on Meri soon after obtaining Robin, then told Christine he didnt want an intimate relationship, and it seems he barely has an intimate relationship with Janelle. His wives are now “friends ” who give him money. I guess only he should have intimate relationships of his choice while the rest just cook-clean-raise his children-and make money. Greatset up for him.

  4. I have watched the program from the start but things changed with the arrival of Robyn meri divorcing kody to adopt three kids outside the family put Robyn as first legal wife strongest position in all ways she manipulates kody who seems obvious like most men to this but women see though this robyn tolerates meri because she is no threat at all kody has no interest at all, janelle puts kids first and appears happy with no intimate relationship well I hope it is worth it robyn they won’t be happy

  5. I’m so happy for Christine leaving that horrible man he has more time for his adopted children than he does for his biological children and he has no time at all for his adult children. He would have continued to unravel and hurt Christine and her children if she didn’t leave she deserves better I hope Meri sees the light and goes next. Robyn must be happy with herself she has destroyed the family and I agree it’s different now it’s not kodys the head of the family anymore it’s Robyn that’s pulling the strings

  6. Cody is a jerk. It’s not normal to have a so called “marriage” with four women and keep everyone happy, unless you treat everyone equal and he never did. He doesn’t know what it is to be a good husband and father.

  7. Robyn is a snake with a poisonous bite. She bit and poisoned that family. She can into that family with a plan. Kody is not many enough to handle that snake.

  8. Kody seems to act like he is the greatest man on earth. He and his group can no longer live in Utah. Curious how he could afford taking care of 4 woman and 18 kids all these years before getting this show and then the woman make all this money as well as himself. Time to pull the plug people.

  9. I can’t stomach that show when is it okay to have 17 seasons of a bunch of law breakers They keep moving to avoid the law The real victims are the Kids. l can’t imagine the mayhem and trauma these kids face with no choice of their own all 5 of them should be charged with child abuse and the network should also be changed and put out of business its a criminal offence

  10. How the h*** can her house be dirty messed up whatever when she has a freaking nanny she’s got 3 older children and she needs a nanny omg so what all does she do

  11. Kody is a punk and a fool. Robin has conned him since day one. She has conditioned her poor children to spread her lies. they belong together and they deserve each other. That rabbit hole is deep and dark…

  12. All of Kody’s interviews are all about him, all he says is I, I, I and me me me……. he doesn’t care about any of his other kids or wives, just Robyn. I can’t stand her fake cries all the time!! you never see one tear and she never needs a kleenex…… know why… it’s fake!!! kody talks crap non stop. he’s put the wedges in those women’s relationships. he’s talked about all of them behind their backs to each of the other wives keeping constant walls up between them and hurt feelings. not to mention, him playing favorites and causing more drama. it’s sad seeing him not care about anyone but Robyn and her kids. I so wish Meri would leave him, she’s only stoking his ego staying. funny thing is……I think he’ll lose all of them, and then Robyn will leave in the end because she doesn’t want him around all the time either, as she has said. he’ll then be alone and his kids won’t be around either because he doesn’t care about them. they’ll all go on and be happy, that’s what I hope for the 3 wives and all the kids. Leave him crying about what all he didn’t do to deserve anything and what all was done to him! you can’t go around telling your wives you don’t love them, you were never attracted to them, use your affection to punish them when you’re angry with them. you’ve isolated them and hurt them and then cry about yourself and what’s been done to you. we’ve seen them try to talk to him, he blows it off and now that it’s over he’s says why didn’t she just talk to me…..SHE DID!!! just because he doesn’t listen, doesn’t mean she didn’t say it! he and Robyn have showed their true colors and it’s sad for the rest of the family.

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