Scott Marder Teases Return Of Major ‘Rick And Morty’ Villians

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The news of the Smith family’s therapist, Dr. Wong’s return to Rick And Morty has fans excited. Moreover, seeing Rick willingly seek help from her despite throwing her off for years is a weird twist to the tale. Now, that the series is slated to return after a long six-week hiatus on November 20, 2022, the showrunner hinted at major returns. This includes some powerful villains that have appeared on the show over the past 5 seasons. Who are these villains? Keep reading to find out the details!

Rick And Morty’s Fans Disappointed At The Hiatus

Rick And Morty Season 6 premiered on September 4 trailing the consequences of the previous season’s fallout. The series’ protagonists are stranded in space alongside floating remnants of the citadel. By the sixth episode, Rick is seen dealing with Earth’s old rulers, the dinosaurs, which wish to change the way society does business. Given how the series teased several major secrets to be revealed by the end of the season, fans were disappointed at the news of such a long hiatus.

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Before the hiatus ends, the showrunner, Scott Marder, hinted at the return of some familiar antagonists. Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith have made their fair share of enemies through the years. However, the most personal villains in their future might also be the most dangerous ones.

Will Rick Prime Return To Rick And Morty Season 6?

The first villain Scott hinted at was Rick Prime, the antagonistic true grandfather to Morty who belongs to the Cronenberg Universe. Following Prime’s brief appearance in the premiere episode of Season 6, Marder confirmed that the villain might return soon. However, he didn’t specify when.

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“I can’t say when, but you’ll definitely see him again, “he said.

The last we saw Rick Prime, he ventured to the Cronenberg Universe and killed Jerry there. Moreover, it was pretty evident that he had some major plans in the works involving the Smiths that might pan out soon in the Adult Swim series.

Showrunner Scott Marder Hints At Evil Morty’s Return

As per ComicBook, Marder was also tight-lipped when talking about other crucial villains from the series including Night Summer and Evil Morty. The former was introduced as a new character in the latest season. On the other hand, Evil Morty made up the final chapter of Season 5. By the finale episode, he escaped all universes that were influenced by Rick Sanchez. However, Marder did hint that both characters will be a part of Rick And Morty in the future.

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As of now, the series has already been renewed for two more seasons. Talking about the upcoming seasons, Marder revealed, “I think you’ll be excited to hear that we are tracking all sorts of fun stuff like that. We’re on the backside of writing season eight right now and all those are things that are in play.”

The showrunner didn’t confirm if Rick Prime returns in the second half of Season 6. However, it is possible that the upcoming two seasons might have a bigger storyline planned around Rick Prime.

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Who else would you love to see returning to the Adult Swim animated series? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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