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Robyn Brown’s Son Dayton, Moved Out, Lives With Bio Dad?

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Sister Wives star Robyn Brown’s son Dayton Brown has been missing from the latest season of the TLC show. While Kody and Robyn have been flaunting their youngest children on camera, Dayton doesn’t seem to be anywhere around. So, where is Dayton? Keep reading to find out the details!

Is Robyn Brown Keeping Dayton Away From Cameras?

Fans have bashed Robyn and Kody time and again for mollycoddling Dayton. Given that he suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome, they tend to pay excessive and unwanted attention to Dayton. Fans feel this overprotective gesture might have hampered his future.

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Is it possible that they are deliberately keeping Dayton away from the cameras in the latest season? Fans think that Dayton might have moved away from Kody and Robyn’s house.

Can Dayton Brown Be Readopted By His Biological Dad?

Talking about Dayton’s whereabouts, fans took to Reddit to share their thoughts. The OP wrote, “I just saw a comment on TikTok that Dayton has moved out and lives with his bio dad and that he changed his name. Anyone know if this is true?”

“I really hope he is ok and that life is good for him!” said another.

Dayton Brown Instagram

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A third revealed, “Fun fact: he can get readopted by his dad if he wants. It’s called adult adoption and Kody and Robyn wouldn’t even need to know about it.”

“Wouldn’t it be hilarious if he was spotted hanging out at Christine’s with the other kids?! Even better if he appeared on her cooking show!” quipped the fourth user.

A fifth fan recalled, “Yeah, he wasn’t in that side porch scene all about Ari. Even Sol went to hang in a sister! Good job Snobbyn, you are now a Duggar as well! Parentify those girls!! Don’t forget to reach them how to manipulate and cry when they want their own way too!”

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“Remind them they don’t need actually tears, just dab at the corners of your eyes and sniffle a lot! No wonder Dayton flew the coop somehow. I bet Kotex was just as done with him as any of the other boys,” they added.

Dayton Has Been Missing From Season 17’s Key Moments

Dayton is the eldest child of Robyn and her ex-husband, David Jessop. He appeared in just one out of the ten episodes that have aired this season. The 22-year-old briefly appeared at Ysabel’s birthday/graduation party. He was carrying packages alongside his mother.

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When his siblings Solomon and Ariella returned from their first day of school, Aurora and Breanna were around to welcome them. However, Dayton was nowhere around. Moreover, he was even absent when the family toured Janelle’s new fifth-wheel trailer. Although Robyn or Kody haven’t provided any reason for his absence, fans are confident that the couple is either shielding him from the cameras. Or, there is a possibility that Dayton might have just moved back to his biological father’s place renouncing his Brown surname.

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Do you think Dayton Brown doesn’t live with his mother anymore? Share your thoughts in the comments and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.


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  1. well, didn’t tell Jenelle’s kids to hit the road when they are 18? (which was is wrong). The same should go for Robyn’s kids too. But, I guess those rules don’t apply to Robyn’s kids…

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