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Jenelle Evans In Health Crisis, Hubby Begs For Prayers

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Jenelle Evans is facing another health crisis. Yet, this time, she is not going it alone. Her husband of five years, David Eason is now asking for prayers. So, what exactly is wrong with the Teen Mom alum? Will she be okay? Read on for more details.

Jenelle Evans Faces Health Crisis, Hubby Needs Prayers

It seems that Jenelle is constantly searching for the answer to her health problems. Just a short time ago, she shared a TikTok about having esophageal spasms. She explained that she has been having them for around a decade. Then, in a new Instagram story, she asked for help with an inhaler-like device she had been given. The mother of three was unsure as to what it was used for and asked her followers for answers. Now, it seems her condition may have gotten worse.

According to The Sun, Jenelle’s husband, David went on Facebook to beg his followers and fans for prayers. He shared a photo of the two of them with the caption: “Y’all pray for my beautiful wife, she’s been pretty sick lately.” Though it is unclear if she has gotten worse, she is definitely not getting better.

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People immediately chimed in, hoping she would get better quickly. One fan commented: “Praying for jenelle wishing you a speedy recovery beautiful.” Another added: “sending lots of prayers and hugs love for jennel and family get well soon baby girl.” Finally, one follower had this to say: “Feel better soon! With that, I loved seeing her on the TM Girls Night show recently! I miss her sooo much! I hate watching it anymore because it’s gotten to be so political.”

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Fortunately, Jenelle did post an update on how she was feeling on her own Instagram story. She shared that she has been taking prednisone and that has been a miracle for her. So at least there has been some relief and she can go back to her work. After that post, she revealed that she would be answering DMs on her OnlyFans.

Dealing With It All

Along with her health struggles, Jenelle Evans is also a mother of three. She catches heat for her parenting as much as she searches for answers to her health problems. Over the summer, Jenelle was called out for buying her eldest child, Jace a dirtbike for his thirteenth birthday. Then, fans claimed she packed unhealthy lunches for her youngest kids, Kaiser and Ensley. Finally, her home is looked at as being a pigsty when she was doing a live. She found a half-eaten apple core on the floor left by one of her children. Can she ever catch a break?

Do you think Jenelle Evans will ever find the answer to her health problems or do you think she is looking for attention? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Update: Jenelle posted in the bathtub drinking a beer. You can read more here


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