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‘Alaskan Bush People’ Bam Brown Warns Fans Of New Scam

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Bam Brown has been mostly absent on Alaskan Bush People this season. The last two episodes showed him moving hay and working on the ranch. However, while his siblings are all involved in adventures, Bam is doing nothing but working, which doesn’t warrant inclusion in the reality TV series.

That hasn’t stopped scammers from using Bam to target gullible fans of the show.

Bam Brown Learns Someone Is Imitating Him On Social Media

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Alaskan Bush People fans mostly love the family from the show and have followed their adventures since the current stars were young. That means there are plenty of people that may fall for a scammer online pretending to be one of the family members. Bam Brown wants to make sure he protects those people.

While his account is not verified on Instagram, Bam Brown uses the title @respectthedanger and showed up online yesterday to warn his fans of a scam going on. In the post, he included a gray-scale picture of himself with the following caption: “This is my only Instagram account. All others are fan accounts or impostors.” At first, it was unclear what was going on, but in the comments, several Instagram followers explained it.

There have been people creating fake accounts using names like @respectthedanger2 and @respectthedanger3. These users send private messages to fans, pretending to be Bam, and thanking them for being fans. They then ask these Alaskan Bush People fans for money to “help the family” as they rebuild around the ranch. This is not a legitimate request, and Bam wants fans to know that it is not him and that this is a scam.

If anyone pretends to be a member of the Alaskan Bush People family and sends a private message to you asking for money, report the account to Instagram.

Bam Brown from Alaskan Bush People

Where Is Bam Brown This Season Of Alaskan Bush People?

Bam Brown has not been completely absent from the show this season. In the first couple of episodes, he was there to help Gabe Brown when his younger brother wanted to gather wood for his new house. There was also a sweet moment where the mother, Ami Brown, said Bam was stepping into Billy’s role on the ranch.

However, compared to his siblings, Bam has only been a footnote this season. As mentioned above, he is working on the ranch mostly by himself while his siblings are off exploring. His work on the ranch doesn’t exactly produce the best reality TV. With that said, there might be one other reason for his absence.

The show has skipped a lot of time, mostly avoiding Bear Brown’s arrest. Around that same time, Bam Brown was in an accident while driving in Washington. He was not to blame, but he ended up in the hospital while the driver of the other car ended up dying. It is not likely that this tragedy would play out on Alaskan Bush People, which would cut into Bam’s time on the show.

Are you enjoying the current season of Alaskan Bush People? Let us know your favorite moments in the comments below.

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