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‘Survivor: Nicaragua’ Contestant Dan Lembo Dies

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In some sad news for Survivor fans, Dan Lembo has passed away. Lembo was a standout member of the Survivor: Nicaragua cast, and was always a fan favorite both with the fans and his fellow cast members.

Here is what we know about Lembo’s death and what you need to know about the former Survivor contestant.

Survivor: Nicaragua‘s Dan Lembo dies

While it has been over two months, the news just broke that Dan Lembo died on September 3, 2022. There was no cause of death listed in his obituary, although he was 75. The obituary did say that he loved spending time with his two kids and friends and enjoyed playing softball.

Dan Lembo | YouTube

Before appearing on Survivor: Nicaragua, Dan worked as a real estate executive, but he claimed his claim to fame was “raising two sons & my career.” He was also in great shape for his age, calling weight-lifting one of his hobbies. Lembo also didn’t play Survivor to win the money because he was already well off.

“I didn’t play Survivor for money,” he told PEOPLE at the time. “I wanted the adventure. I’m the type of guy who sees a challenge and thinks, ‘I could do that.’ So I wanted to be part of this crazy game — and I did pretty well, I’d say! I made it really far.”

Dan Lembo’s performance on Survivor: Nicaragua

Dan Lembo was on Survivor: Nicaragua when it aired in 2010. At the time, Lembo was 63, and while he wasn’t that great in the competitions, he quickly developed friendships with others on the show. This allowed him to make it through several Tribal Councils before the merge.

Dan Lembo | YouTube

Dan entered Survivor as part of the Espada tribe, which was full of competitors all over 40. Dan, who had knee surgeries before appearing on the show, didn’t seem to bother him in the competitions, although he wasn’t someone who would win them. He ended up surviving through Tribal Council votes with Jimmy Johnson and Jimmy Tarantino getting voted out.

After the tribe switch, Dan stayed with the Espada Tribe, and once again he became friends with the new members of his tribe. Dan almost quit after this, but he chose to stick around and survived the next eliminations. When the merge happened, he wasn’t in an alliance anymore, but he still moved on and kept fighting.

Dan kept somehow avoiding elimination all the way until Day 37 when he was voted out in the final five. He then moved on to the jury where he gave the deciding vote, choosing to vote for Fabio Birza in what ended up as a 5-4 decision. Furthermore, Dan lost 25 pounds while on Survivor: Nicaragua.

What are your memories of Dan Lembo from Survivor: Nicaragua? Let us know your best memories in the comments below.

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