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‘Sister Wives’ Robyn Brown’s Tears Finally Make Sense, See Why

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Sobyn Robyn Brown is notorious for crying in virtually every episode of Sister Wives. Fans, however, took notice of her shedding a lot less tears this season and they suspect it is because she’s happy Christine left and she more or less has Kody to herself at this point. Still, Robyn has managed to squeeze some crying into this season as she somehow twisted Kody and Christine’s split into being about her.

On RedditSister Wives fans recently made a discovery. Finally, they understand where all of Robyn Brown’s crying comes from. What reason did fans discover for the real reason Robyn cries so much on the show? Keep reading for the answer.

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Robyn Brown’s constant crying is a learned trait

Turns out, Sobyn Robyn Brown is always one second away from crying on the show because it is something she learned from her mother. Sister Wives fans pointed out on Reddit that Robyn Brown’s mother has only been on the show a handful of times. But, every time she’s been on the show she’s always managed to shed a few tears.

One fan pointed out chasing their comment with an eye-rolling emoji as they shared a clip from Robyn’s mother on the show: “Robyn’s crying is a learned trait from her mother. She has only been on the show a handful of times, but she has cried each time.”

robyn brown youtube
Robyn Brown

“Friendly reminder that this woman also encouraged Robyn’s victim complex. Direct quote from Robyn ‘my mom calls me the brown family scapegoat,'” a second fan penned in response to the thread.

Shifting the conversation in a bit of a cruel direction, fans pointed out that Kody had a good idea of what his favorite wife would look like in the future as both Robyn and her mother had the same square face and thick necks.

Another fan points out that Robyn has also realized crying all the time works out well in manipulating Kody because he has a caveman mentality and believes he needs to “save her” every time he hears her cry.

He needs to be a hero for Robyn so badly, and boy does she ever supply a fresh damsel in distress scenario for him one after another.”

Do you agree that Robyn does a lot of crying on the show? Do you agree with fans arguing that his crying is often fake as there are no real tears? Let us know your answers in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.

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