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‘Sister Wives’ Kody Brown Admits He & Robyn Are Lazy?

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TLC dropped a new clip of Sister Wives on Facebook a few hours ago and it featured Kody Brown fessing up to the fact that he and Robyn are pretty lazy parents. What did the TLC father say exactly in regard to being a lazy parent? Keep reading and scroll down to watch the preview.

Kody Brown admits he and Robyn are lazy parents

Ariella Brown’s sleep schedule is a controversial talking point for fans. Talking to the cameras, Kody Brown explains that they respect their daughter’s biorhythms and her biorhythms have turned her into a night owl. Robyn chimed in noting that Ariella will stay up all night if she was allowed to do so. Likewise, both parents agreed that she was far from a morning person. They both revealed it wasn’t uncommon for Ariella to sleep until noon.

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Starting kindergarten was a new experience for Ariella in more ways than one as she was no longer free to sleep until noon. Kody admitted to the cameras that having Ari stay up late was inconvenient with Sol being in school when she wasn’t. He explained they would have to divide and conquer the children. One parent (usually Kody) focused on getting Solomon to bed. While the other (usually Robyn) stayed up all night with Ariella. Kody also admitted it was a bit inconvenient when he wanted to go to sleep and couldn’t because his daughter kept him up all night.


Contradicting himself a bit (and admitting he was a bit of a lazy parent), Kody fessed up to the real reason they allowed Ariella to sleep in so late. According to Kody, Ariella Brown sleeping in so late gave them a window to get things done in the morning when she wasn’t in school and the rest of the kids were. Robyn and Kody got some peace and child-free time. So, they weren’t in a huge rush to wake her from her slumber in the morning.

Check out the unseen clip from this season in the Facebook video down below:

Does it surprise you that Kody Brown would openly admit to being such a lazy parent? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for more on Sister Wives.

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