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Robyn Brown’s Nanny Still Hot Topic, What Does She Do?

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“What does the nanny do” became an iconic phrase that Sister Wives fans just couldn’t get enough of. It was none other than Christine Brown who brought this iconic question to life. And, her son Paedon admits that Christine didn’t intend for it to be as snarky as fans made it out to be. A new thread has popped up on Reddit as fans of Sister Wives continue to ask, “What does the nanny do?” 

Confirmation the nanny is still in the picture

As TvShowAce previously reported, eagle-eyed fans spotted something in the background of a recent scene of Sister Wives that confirmed the nanny (Mindy) was still very much in the picture. Likewise, fans pointed out that the note on the fridge meant Robyn and her nanny were still very much in control of the household. Fans thought it was interesting that Robyn called so many shots considering Kody considered himself to be a patriarchal ruler without a head wife.


Sister Wives fans ask what the nanny does

Now, Paedon pointed out that Sister Wives fans took what his mother said regarding this iconic question wrong. From the point of view of fans, it felt like Christine was taking a snarky dig at the fact that Robyn even had a nanny. Turns out, Christine was actually just trying to figure out what the nanny did that allowed her into the house during the pandemic. What extra steps did she take? Things became even more ironic when both Kody and Robyn ended up getting COVID.

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With news that the nanny was still in the picture, fans once again ask the iconic question: What does the nanny do? Fans point out that Christine Brown was able to raise 13 children on her own. So, they are having a hard time understanding why Robyn needs a nanny to help her keep a handle on two young children. Here’s what some fans said as they continue to ask about the purpose of the nanny on Reddit:

  • “Seeing how Christine raised THIRTEEN young children by herself why does Robyn get a nanny when she only has TWO? Kody has never treated his other wives even close to equally. I am still in disbelief they had the audacity attack and full on gas light Christine the last ep.”
  • “I believe Sobyn is lazy, thus the nanny.”
  • “It’s not just the nanny, I’m certain she, who’s too pretty to do dishes, also has a staff of housecleaners on hand….which begs the other question: what does Robyn do all day?”
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What do you think the purpose of Robyn Brown’s nanny is? More importantly, what do you think of this iconic question? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.

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