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Katie Bates & Travis Clark Get Defensive Over Financial Situation

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Bringing Up Bates stars Katie Bates and Travis Clark are getting defensive over their financial situation. The couple has received many comments and messages from fans questioning their lifestyle and some of their big purchases. And now, they want to set the record straight. Keep reading to see what happened.

If you subscribe to Travis and Katie’s channel on YouTube, you may know that they recently bought a Tesla. They made it clear that they bought it used and got a good deal. However, many fans wondered how they were able to afford such a nice vehicle. Other fans defended them and pointed out that used Tesla prices can be comparable to the costs of other cars and SUVs.

Travis Clark and Katie Bates seem to live in a nice, newly-renovated home and don’t hold back when they want to spend a little bit of money.

Travis Clark and Katie Bates - YouTube

Fans question Travis Clark & Katie Bates’ financial situation.

In a recent YouTube video, Travis and Katie addressed fans’ assumptions. And their financial situation was brought up multiple times.

One of the comments they received suggested that their parents pay for everything. Fans assumed that the couple couldn’t actually afford their car, house, and everything else at 21 and 22 years old. The couple acknowledged that they have received this question many times and that it’s one of the “biggest ones” they get. 

Travis defended himself and his wife and said, “That’s so not true.” 

He added, “We work. We both both have incomes.” 

Katie Bates’ husband also stated that he doesn’t receive an “allowance” from his parents either.

One fan also assumed that the couple saves their money. In response, they said that they save some, but they do like to splurge on some things. Travis pointed out that he’s 21 and wants to enjoy spending the money that he earns while still saving some. 

Based on their response, it looked like Katie Bates and Travis Clark were tried of hearing about their financial situation. They just wanted to make it clear that their parents didn’t pay for everything and that they are doing well for themselves.

So, do you think Bringing Up Bates fans crossed a line by asking Katie Bates and Travis Clark about their financial situation? Sound off in the comments section, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more Bates family news. You can watch Travis and Katie’s assumptions video down below.

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